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A great performance to start the Stanley Cup playoffs

There is nothing better than watching the Flyers get beat and lower themselves to the thugs that they are. They took so many bad penalties that even their captain questioned their tactics.


I would like to ask Scott Hartnell a couple of questions. How does it feel to sneak up behind a player, punch him in the back of the head, and then run away? And do you really think that this will help you win the game?

There are 5 seconds left in the game. Face-off at center ice. 3 Flyers are already in the penalty box for cheap shots. Your name is Danny Carcillo. What do you do? Punch Max Talbot in the back of the head. These actions are all done to send a message for game 2. What is the message? We know that we can’t win the hockey game so we are going to intimidate you with stupidity. Not going to work. The better team won game one and the better team will win the series. 

The Flyers won 2 cups in the 70’s as the Broad Street Bullies and have been trying to win a 3rd one using the same tactics ever since, What they fail to realize is that they won those cups because Bernie Parent was by far the best goalie in the NHL at that time. Great goalies lead teams to victories, not cheap shots.

Enough rambling about the Flyers lack of class. The play of the Penguins was outstanding. It is very hard to single out one key to the victory, because it was a total team victory. Kunitz, Orpik, Cooke, and Adams with many clean body checks. My favorite was Kunitz hit on Richards that sent him crying all the way to the bench. The speed of the Pens forwards against the Flyers defense was at times overwhelming. The big boys 71 and 87 a goal and an assist each. Fleury was solid in net. But I will pick a key. Jordan Stall and his line mates Cooke and Kennedy. The Flyers broadcast team called Staal a horse on skates, a thoroughbred. I don’t believe the Flyers have an answer for big No. 11. He is a powerful man.

He will continue to play as he did down the stretch and in game 1. The Pens will be in good shape for game 2 on Friday night. I can’t wait.

That’s the view from E-11

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  1. Penguin871's Gravatar Penguin871
    April 17, 2009 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

    The Staal, Cooke, Kennedy line has been by far the best line on the team. What is never considered when rating this is how many penalties this line draws and how much they wear down the other team. It’s fun watching the Flyers try to contain them.

    GO PENS!

    April 17, 2009 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    When you have a puck procession team and win at the rate the Pens did it makes a major difference. The check by Kunitz on Richards was a smack that lifted the roof. It looked to take something out of him – possibly losing 10 of 14 face-offs had something to do with that hit as Richards looked stunned making his way back to the bench. No matter what, each game starts at zero-zero and has it’s own little story and that’s what makes the playoffs what they are.

  3. Justin37's Gravatar Justin37
    April 16, 2009 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

    I don’t believe that I have ever seen the Penguins defensive group play a better game. Every shooting lane was filled. Every Player on the team is willing to get in front of a shot. Now, it was only one game, and momentum in Hockey can change as quickly as “a screen name” but IMO the Flyers have no chance…..Bob Errey stated late in the game (before the 3 in the box) that the Flyers still have the “GOON Mentality”. They will never win dressing the likes of Ashom, Alberts and Carcillo. Add in the total mind meltdown of Hartnal and the Flyers are playing at least 4 men short….

    I would hope that the same exact line up for the Pens is dressed for game 2. The Penguins are tough enough and physical enough to combat the Flyers tactics….

    We may even be lucky enough to see Holmgren and Clark insist that Riley Cote play Game two….

    That is the Flyers way….If you loose, You just didn’t take enough cheap shots….Cote will help

  4. PenQuin's Gravatar PenQuin
    April 16, 2009 at 11:25 pm | Permalink

    Jordan Staal is a horse, he plays better in the playoff`s than he does in the regular season. Look what he did last season. He`s one of those players a team needs to win a Stanley cup. Amazing, the kid is only 20 years old. He`s going to be a very scary player in the years to come. LET`S GO PENS!


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