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Another Afternoon Loss, Flyers Get Back To Within One

staalflyLet’s hope this series does not make it to the sixth game.  As we have come to know, the Pens do not, typically, fair well in these matinee games.  This afternoon’s match was no different.  Game 6 is slated to be another afternoon game.  Here is to hoping that it does not get to that point.

 The Penguins looked as though they, maybe, didn’t have the same intensity as they had shown in the previous two games.  They were not getting to the loose pucks the same as they had been.  They didn’t win battles like they need to.  After taking the physical edge in the first two games, the Pens were out hit, outfought and over all outworked.

Now, it’s not time to worry.  I, for one, knew that the Penguins would not win every game on their way to winning the cup.  At some point the Pens had to lose.  This seems as good as anytime to lose.  Let’s just see how they bounce back.  The good news is that we gain an additional home game.

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  1. GotMalkin's Gravatar GotMalkin
    April 20, 2009 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    At no time was the lack of hustle more evident than the short-handed goal. Gonchar must have been completely devoid of energy on a play where he got out-hustled, lost the puck, lost the player who took the puck from him, and then lost the only other Flyer any where near the net. A rough goal to eat, but its good to know we can only lose if we beat ourselves. Bouncing back has been this team’s theme of the season, so Tuesday night it should be fun being a Pens fan in NYC. On a side note, no one seemed to mention how influential the Kunitz Timmonen hit was on the outcome of this game. While it was awesome, and looked great, it consequently sent letang and kunitz to the box during two crucial powerplays. I guess we saw what happens on the PP without those two around. Lets keep them both out of the box, and on the score sheet and not give the Flyers the key penalty box match-up swaps they are looking for.

    Go Pens!
    Got Malkin?


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