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Couple of quick updates.

What an awesome spectacle it was being at night when Sid got his hat trick. It’s funny he wasn’t complaining to the refs about how long it took to clean up the mess this time.

Goligoski’s groin is acting up again, and apparently he will not play tonight.

I know it’s early, more like way too early, to get excited, but Penguins first round draft pick Simon Despres has 15 points (5G 10A) in 15 games with the St. Johns Sea Dogs as well as sporting a +11. Of his 5 goals, 4 were on the PP and 1 was a shortie.

Meanwhile on the same team, Pens’ fourth round draft pick Nick Peterson is leading the team with 31 points (15 G 16A) in 22 games and sporting an unbelievable +29. Only 3 of his goals have come on the PP which goes a long way towards explaining the lofty +/- number

I think it’s safe to assume that should one or both of these guys continue to perform at this level that they could see a call up to Wilkes-Barre once the Junior season ends and should WB make the playoffs.

All it would take then is either Ben Hanowski or Phil Samuelson to pan out, and this could be considered one of the most productive Penguins’ drafts in years.

In an ironic note, Angelo Esposito has suffered anothe season ending knee injury pretty much bringing his career to a close. In hindsight now, the trade with Atlanta pretty much boils down to Pascual Dupuis for Colby Armstrong and Daulton Levielle (The guy Atlanta took with our #1 pick), a 5′ 11” Center currently playing for Michigan State. Sure doesn’t sound like we mortgaged our future as one Pierre Maguire continues to purport.

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  1. RBuckle's Gravatar RBuckle
    November 30, 2009 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    Crosby was named NHL #1 star this week 5 goals 3 assists. It looks like he’s finally shooting the puck.


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