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Developing that KILLER KO Mentality?

That third period against the RANGERS was something that we haven?t seen for so long that I almost forgot what it was like. They just kept coming and delivered the knock-out blow to King Henry Lundqvist.

It?s now 4 ? 2 since the Philadelphia game. Fleury in net tonight and Garon slotted for his first game in Toronto.

If they have developed that KILLER KO PUNCH and can take the next two games that will have them finishing January? 6 ? 2 and would place us Flightless birdie fans in a much better frame of mind. A 6 ? 2 pace not only would cut it for a playoff spot … we would finish with about 104 points at that pace. Not too shabby for a team that went 6 ? 14 from the beginning of December to the Flyer game. I don?t expect the 104 but it?s

This RANGERS game was a huge game for the team?s confidence (and for the fan?s confidence too) but that confidence needs bolstering as it?s been supported by a rotten flying buttress since December. Two in a row should put it back on a solid foundation again. The RANGERS are a good team with a good goalie? let?s hope Letang gets a couple more tonight and that dry spell will all be a bad memory and that the blow landed on the RANGERS wasn?t a lucky punch..

This is DR Hook?.. carry on.

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