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DR Hook’s… Penguin Trade FRENZY Update

On February 25th I presented Penguin TRADE SPECULATION based on how the Pens performed against the Islanders and also stated that ?who knows what Shero and the organEYEzation is really thinking.?
Since then the Penguins have obviously turned it up a notch and also acquired Kunitz and a better power forward prospect Tangradi (then, who I suggested ? Anthony Stewart). It?s a good trade by Shero but we still need someone to play on Crosby?s wing and I?ve got to believe that Shero bright enough to know that. The Whitney trade along with the Penguin?s turnaround changes things a little bit.
Assuming we’ve got a bright organEYEzation which I think we do? a key to Stanley Cup success this season is to get both Fedotenko and Satan to the 3rd line. Think about that for a minute ? that?s where they belong if the Pens are to go as far as they did last season.

In a full disclosure, the following are nothing more than my imagination and are completely fabricated. So, it?s caveat emptor – let the Frenzy begin.

If you recall, I suggested trades with Florida and Columbus and that ?we not get hung up on UFA players such as Antropov, Cole, Gaborik, Tkachuk, Recchi, Roberts, Neil, Kovalev, Tanguay, Afinogenov, Weight, the Sedins, and Guerin?.??? With the Kunitz/Tangradi trade?PLUS ?the Penguin?s winning streak I?ve modified that position some.

Kunitz brings some GRIT? Tangradi some muscle ? and with Columbus? GM (Howland) claiming that Filatov is an untouchable – DR Hook changes direction… and here it is:

Depending on Gaborik?s health and according to some reports he is fully recovered from a pretty serious hip surgery ? if some agreement can be worked out in advance?on a commitment to an extended contract agreement (although still a risk) the Pen?s have to surround Malkin and Crosby with wingers of the highest quality.? A healthy Gaborik is in that class.? Gaborik has talent that has been stymied in Minnesota under Jacques Lemaire?s coaching philosophy. He could absolutely EXPLODE under ours ? and I mean that it a good sense.
Minnesota has a major center shortage and a defensive philosophy that makes Jordan Staal and ideal center for them. He?s not going to be a 1st or 2nd line center here ? he?s just not.? But, it can?t be a Staal/Gaborik straight up deal.? Something else has to be coming from the Wild because of the risks involved (health and contract) with Gaborik ? so there would be a lot of soul searching before doing this.

Some one else has to be included from Minnesota?s side and I?m thinking it could be and I?d take a chance with (Clarke Gillies? kid) Colton Gillies.? Gillies?hasn?t put up the big numbers but is big and nasty and will lead to what I claimed the Penguins need down the line ? BIG, nasty, go to the net wingers to replace the ones we have now.
This may require that we throw in something else and I?ll go with (future considerations) Goligoski but only if?Gaborik is re-signed.?

In another move that may be worth the investment I think Max Afinogenov, also coming off injury and who?s been pretty much a total friggin disaster this season (2-goals in 34 games) coming here for a 3rd or 4th round pick would be worth the risk, also.

NETTING IT OUT: Penguins lose Staal and Goligoski and a 3rd round pick for Gaborik, Gilles, and Afinogenov.

That?s my suggestion/prediction and I?m sticking with it until further notice.

This is DR Hook? carry on.

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    Something’s up – Satan was just put on Waivers


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