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Erik Cole could be a good fit for the Penguins

Fact:  Last year, there were Marian Hossa rumors out the kazoo.

Fact:  Not once were the Penguins mentioned, until boom, the trade was announced and we found Hossa on the door step with his luggage.

Fact:  Edmonton just lost defenseman, Lubomir Visnovsky and is in desperate need of a special teams defenseman.

Fact:  Edmonton is also looking to part with Erik Cole.

Fact:  The Penguins are in need of a winger and are most likely willing to part with one of their excess defensemen, possibly Ryan Whitney.

Erik Cole would never want to come to Pittsburgh because an Orpik hit fractured a vertebra in his neck you say?


Lets remember back even further…  Kasparaitis and Lemieux had a similar hate/hate relationship.  Kasparaitis even popped Lemieux 4 times in the face just to have Lemieux get a 4 minute cross checking penalty.  Next thing you know Kasparaitis is on the team and fast friends with Lemieux.

Erik Cole has struggled as of late, but is still an semi skilled player.  Pittsburgh most likely has been in talks with Edmonton leading to a swapping of goalies.  My guess is that Ray Shero possibly has not been willing to give up enough, creating Edmonton’s fake setup of looking at Boston to make a trade with.  Boston just happening to be the number one team in our conference.  My guess is that Edmonton also wants Staal, and Shero won’t part with him.

Fact:  Every team in the Western Conference is locked in their playoff race, and that creates fewer teams willing to part with top players.

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