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Gameday Poop: Penguins vs. Devils – Bye Bye Sutter?

The NJ Devils are mired in a 5 game losing streak, “But now it’s time. I mean, the foot is down. Enough is enough.” said Brent Sutter.   That foot is down and is shaking in it’s boot.  In 2007 the Devil’s GM Lou Lamoriello fired coach Claude Julien on April 2nd (two years ago tomorrow)  and took over with a week left in the regular season, that should have Sutter looking over his shoulder.  Julien had the Devils at 107 pts when he got canned, the Devils only have 98 now.

Fleury only needs 12 regular season wins by November 28th of this year to be ahead of the pace that Brodeur has set being the goaltender with the most wins in the NHL. 

You know you are good when they other team chants “Crosby Sucks”  You know your the best when someone writes a song:  “Utoob: Crosby Sucks”    Made by some hack of a band from Washington, probably more fair weather Capital fans.  It has 997 hits on Utoob, I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I think the fact the fans of another team wrote a song about him is a testament to how good of a player he is.  If they wrote a song “Crosby is a Swell Guy” then I’d be worried.

The WBS Penguins clinched a playoff spot Sunday night with a 1-o shutout of the league leading Hershey Bears.  Dustin Jeffrey scored the game winner and the games only goal.  31 was the WBS Penguin’s goaltender John Curry’s magic number Sunday, he made 31 saves for the shutout, and registered his 31st win setting the WBS single season record for wins.

Coach Dan Bylsma ended up beating Crosby in a shoot-out competition yesterday, apparently there is a little controversy around it.  You can read about it here :   Penguins Report: Funny Conspiracy Theory

The Penguins ar 5-1-1 so far on their 8 game homestand and are 2-1-2 in their season series with the Devils.  The Devils have lost 5 games in a row and have been outscored 15-7.  Brodeur has faced an average of 36 shots a game in that five game period.

Game time is 7:30PM and can be seen in HD at Igloo or at home.

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    April 1, 2009 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    I read about the conspiracy theory this morning in the P/G and was laughing. It turns out that Crosby, Fleury, Talbot and Malkin hang out off the ice and there are a lot of setups where Crosby is the one getting PUNK’D.

    April 1, 2009 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    @ Malore

    I have some friends in WASH DC who refer to Leonsis as PHat Ted and to Georhge McPhee as the BABOON. I also go to about 1 game a year in the Phone Booth and while some fans are totally clueless it’s not like we don’t see the same types here. I agree about Leonsis forming blog groups with free admission to boxes while shutting out some who are more critical the band is nothing more than calling attention to Ocevhkin as Crosby couldn’t get more negative attention in visiting arenas than he already gets. Personally, I think the NHL didn’t think out the division realinements and should have kept the Capitals in with the Penguins and Flyers.

  3. Penguin871's Gravatar Penguin871
    April 1, 2009 at 10:16 am | Permalink

    Sounds to me like the Capital fans have a bit of jealousy. The whole thing looks like an advertisement for their website. I didn’t bother clicking on the website, I don’t want them to get advertising points from me.

  4. Ron Malore's Gravatar Ron Malore
    April 1, 2009 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    Personally, the fans in Washington are a good sort of people even though as a group they just don’t understand the game as much a Pens, Flyers, Rags, Devils and Islanders fans. That’s why they were perged into the left turn NASCAR division. They all seem to have that Ted Leonsis type of personality which really and truly is more fanboy than hockey knowledge.
    For those who haven’t heard it – some of the “Crosby Sucks” lyrics are listed below:
    >> Canadian sensation, well at least on certain stations;
    >> A poster child for Francophiles who dance to Zobie Nation.
    >> All his fans are moromns who defend his every stunt,
    >> And the “C” that’s on his chest, well it really stands for….. (you fill in the blanks)
    If you look closely you can sopt the fat TEDDY Leonsis in this.

    This band and Leonsis who guides the overall Washington Capitals bloggers today – are lost in TECHNO and the ’80’s somewhere right outside Joe Louis Arena where it died 20 years ago. This group and most of the Washington bloggers and fans concentrate much more on Crosby than on Ovechkin – but it’s really clear as to why. The Capitals have a history of playing against the Penguins in playoffs like there is a curse on them. Like Ovechkin, their fans and owners are mostly a FLUFF show.


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