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If They Knew the Problem It Would Be Fixed

It?s hard to really pinpoint (just one thing) that went wrong. If they?knew the root-cause of the problem it would be fixed.

The fact that this IS a business forced the Therrien firing. Therrien is the scape-goat and I?m sure he knows he got his breaks into the NHL the same way. His interview yesterday showed some real class. The world for some unknown reason loves to kick those that are down. Most negative comments completely ignore the positives. It?s the NHL coaching world. There are some rare occasions but most every coach eventually gets canned.

There doesn?t appear to be any animosity between Therrien and Shero and the firing only has one objective and that?s to somehow ignite the players to get them into the playoffs this year. Contrary to popular opinion? it?s not over yet.

Was Therrien a bully with some players? Maybe he was. Did he make some coaching mistakes? Sure? they all do. His job was to get the most out of his players and who knows what else took place. Was Shero unable to pull off a trade to cattle-prod these guys in the locker-room? Maybe he couldn?t get one done.

Now we hear Tim Benz claiming a deal is in the works? Madden claiming a deal will be made during the off-season with Kovalchuk? another saying that a Staal for Andropov is in the works. The fabulous Eklund (who works at less than 2% correct factor) claims he was told that Penguins are working feverishly on a deal that would in affect ‘change the team dynamics drastically.’ Claiming it will happen in 24 hours.?

The absolute real facts is that all of this would never be shared with any of these people so they outright guess and speculate – just like we do. They HOPE like hell they get one of these systematic wild ass-guesses correct and why not, if they do, they get more people listening in.

This is DR Hook?. Carry on

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