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I’ll tell YINZ what Shero should do!

The talk before the game… the talk during the game… the talk in between periods while standing in line for a beer (from the $180 a case MSG) is all about what Ray Shero should do. And, it’s all over the map.

Names like Gaborik and Kovalchuk surface the most but there are also other ones that are (while it might really be nice) (it ain’t gonna happen)… but I really do believe that Shero isn’t twiddling his thumbs. If something can be done without mortgaging the farm… he’ll do it.

If a deal to improve the team without hammering the youth in the organEYEzation he’ll do it. Obviously, the Hossa surprise at least should indicate that these guys aren’t afraid to make a move.

The reality is that Crosby and Malkin are untouchable which leaves the only logical players with major IMPACT trade return being Whitney and Staal. If we could do a Whitney for a Kovalchuk I think we could all agree we’d do it in a NY minute. But, that’s not going to happen.

What is probably going on right now is that Shero is working the phones to other GM’s and will probably find a trading partner maybe for Boucher, Eaton, Satan, maybe even Sykora… but the return isn’t going to be that spectacular.

Our Flightless Birdies maybe got a spark last night from Malkin’s performance and maybe it ignites a win streak or at the very minimum a team playing a lot more solid and 60 minutes of hockey. We still might sneak into the playoffs.

If no trade is made… the world isn’t coming to an end as the PITTSBURGH sports fan is pretty much blessed compared to other places. Maybe to all places. And, watching ‘world-class’ players like Crosby and Malkin every night and players liken Staal developing in front of our eyes it ain’t too bad.

As things stand right now, there are going to be some significant contracts dropped after this season: (could be) Fedotenko, Satan, Gill, Boucher, Garon and possibly even Sykora. That’s about $15 million to play with during the summer.

So folks, I would think it’s fasten the seat belts and enjoy the ride… this year’s playoff entry (as is) isn’t dead yet.

This is DR Hook…. carry on

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