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It?s a Business. Business is Business and Christmas is over.

When you take your eye off the target it?s pretty certain you are going to miss it and the target right now is to get into the playoffs THIS SEASON.

For me it?s a tough thing to watch coaches get fired. Although for some reason there are?others who have a much easier time of it.?

We all knew deep down in that with the cards dealt him this was going to be a tougher year for Therrien? just not this tough. The reach-out for the brass-ring was made last season many of us knowing that other franchises and GM?s might not have the ballz to make that type of decision. Therrien’s team not just beat teams but actually rolled over teams in the Eastern Division Playoffs and watching the games against Detroit in the Finals was pretty good for all Pens fans.? All Penguin fans.? Today, it’s more what have you done for me lately.

So,?some like to ?jump on the bandwagon of I told ya so?s? and how this move should have been made earlier, etc., etc., etc. which is now seen on blogs all over the Internet right now.? To me, it’s just?a reaction to CHANGE without any regard to Therrien, the players, the GM or anyone else. In fact, most blogs indicate that Therrien had lost the team.

Did he? Or, is the team just not there? When comments are made over and over about how many players we need? wingers for Sid? stay at home physical defensemen? how Satan is a waste? and how Dupuis and Kennedy playing on Crosby?s wing isn?t any good? how can this be (solely) the coach?s fault?? The facts are – it isn’t.? It’s the price you pay for reaching out for that brass-ring last year.

If the Penguins didn?t blow that lead in Toronto Therrien would still be the coach today. The win over San Jose, Columbus and what was a much better game against Detroit looked to have the Pens train back on track.
IMHO, the ?lost the team? ?? is a standard comment when a change has to be made?but no one really knows why, or what to say.?? It?s really only?about making the playoffs this year.? Business is business and Christmas is over.? We?ll see how this work?s out this afternoon because we have another Toronto to play at 2:08.

As to Therrien, he always seemed like a solid guy to me… Thanks for last year?s run? Best of luck in your future.

Really we don?t have to take up a collection for him.

And, Go Pens!



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