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It?s not Therrien?.. Potpourri

~~~ If Maxie Afinogenov is the great hope and Whitney is traded for him… there will be fans jumping off the bridges. Whitney’s a bargaining chip but only if he?s leveraged for St-Louis or Hejduk.

~~~ The POWDER-PUFF Blue sweaters weren’t as bad as seeing our first line: Dupuis and Kennedy centered by Crosby. If there is anything that should keep Shero’s nose to the trade grindstone 24/7… that should be it.

~~~ What ever happen to Morozov and Palffy? And where’s Konstantin Koltsov nowadays!

~~~ Will Kennedy and Dupuis be flanking Crosby on Wednesday against the Sharks? It’s not Therrien. Think about it, who would you play on Crosby line? Of course, the only answer is Malkin… and if Sykora decides it’s a day he will show up – put him there too. At least have one line.

~~~ Gonchar to the doctor on Wednesday – his return prediction: Saturday against the Maple Leafs.

~~~ When do we stop cutting Shero a break? Does Sabourin/Garon/Stone/4th round pick = Conklin? Seriously, this not signing Conklin for Sabourin looks worse every time I think about it.

~~~ The sell-outs for the games are great… but, how are they doing with those ones they’ve held back… are fans lining up to purchase them. Look for empty seats to increase if something isn’t done to pump us up. There are too many defensemen not to make a deal, and shortly.

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