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Its Not Just the Players Who are Young

Baby Pens

First of all, thanks to Krundle for bringing me onto the squad.  That out of the way, I’ll begin my first poop (er.. post).

After reading JeanPronovost’s first post, I realized that my knowledge of the Penguins, while vast indeed, does not hold a candle to those who have seen them play since they entered the league in ’67.  However, what  I find truly fantastic about the sports teams in the city of Pittsburgh, is their ability to transcend the ages by winning.  Sure, a Flyers fan can bring up their child to love their team, but they simply haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1975 (their fight before scoring mentality may be responsible, but that may be enough for their fans.)  For this reason I feel blessed to have grown up in an era where the Pens have seen so much success.  As a young child, my parents brought me up on the Penguins.  During the back-to-back cup years, however, I was simply too young to understand the meaning behind the work it takes to win the cup.  But as I aged, so did the Pens, and soon after we entered the dark ages.  Because I had seen victory at such an early age, and because hockey is such a fast-paced, incredible sport to watch, I did not lose favor with the team as they struggled, still following them on a regular basis.  My devotion was highly rewarded this past spring, when we went into hockeytown, raised the cup high, and then came home to our hockeytown.  For that reason, I believe the Pens have gained much more than just a championship from their cup win last year.  They have gained a newer, stronger, younger fan base.  One that will not waiver in the times to come.  Hockey knowledge is again becoming common knowledge, and fewer and fewer friends are asking questions about offsides.  At an age where I can truly appreciate a Stanley Cup victory, I feel confident that generations to come will feel the same way too.   So I look forward to becoming a writer for this site, hopefully offering insight from a different vantage point, while maintaining a love for the Penguins that so many have felt before me.

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