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Let?s make a DEADLINE list? everyone else is

I?m LMAO at the number of blogs who are making Shero Shopping Lists. These lists contain everything from Antropov to Tkachuk being mentioned. Toss in an Afinogenov that Buffalo?s trying to dump for two year?s now and the always available new mercenary, Bill Guerin. Like it?s EA Sports and you?re in the game? if you listen real close you can almost hear Garbage, Uberzone and Gearwhore in the background when you read these lists. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy… isn’t it.

Pretty funny being that Garon does a Tommy Barrasso imitation of his first game with the Pen?s which was a 8-5 shellacking. What were these guys going to do? make it a 7 -6 loss. But the lists are everywhere now.

Will Shero swing for the fences to hit a home run or should he be more cautious this time. Maybe he should just look at a deals that could improve the team, long term and we just take of lumps.

What we are witnessing now is the result of swinging for those fences last year? it?s part of that risk you take. But other than Crosby, Malkin and Fluery? really ? do you see anyone else standing tall? I don?t.

The whole injury thing (excuse) has been overplayed. The only big money wingers on the team (Sykora and Satan) screw-up as much as the others… and neither muck-it-up much. Sykora was the major FUBAR contributor to the loss for losing his temper in the Devils game and Satan although putting one in from long range seems to be SNAFU in close as he blew yet another lay up with a wide open net against the Leafs. It just isn?t there. I?m not sure I?d even sign Sykora? maybe so, but he?s not a lock signing, either.

It?s easy to think what we need (a winger) or is that (a real defenseman)? maybe we should be thinking TANK, and find a way to select Victor Hedman in the entry draft, eh. Don?t let his performance in the WJC fool you ? this kid going to be one tough cookie.

Or, better yet maybe we could get just Volchenov out of Ottawa. See how easy it is to make these lists of players when ?You?re in the game!?

Then again, maybe we should just leave it to Shero and the rest of these guys who do this for a living.

This is DR Hook? carry on

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