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Netting it out?. or, It’s not OVER till it’s OVER

The Bruins, Capitals, and Devils? let?s give them playoff spots. AND, for discussion purposes let us also rule out the Islanders, Maple Leafs, Thrashers, Lightning and Senators.
That leaves (7) teams the Flyers, Rangers, Canadiens, Panthers, Sabres, Hurricanes and our Flightless Birdies fighting for (5) playoff spots.
And, the good stuff is that many of them have more problems than us.

The Flyers are back to the usual self playing revolving goaltenders and right after their coach claims that Niittymaki is their #1 then he goes and wets himself as Ottawa shells him like he?s worse than Biron. Ya gotta luv anything negative that happens to the Flyers. Look for them to pull off some dumb ass trade as usual. Remember last season they were dumping Jeff Carter for Kaberle. They still think that you can throw money and it solves problems. Look at Daniel Briere and as soon as he comes back I think they all pretty much CAP BOUND.
The NY Rangers led by a GM who really is mediocre without the ability to buy everyone is now looking to add Sean Avery. Maybe those sliding down the razor blade Rangers need to try anything but they aren?t so good.
The Canadiens highlight of this season was the stuffing of the all-star ballot box and maybe are embarrassed by it all. Cary Price is playing goal like Momma Cass? California Dreamin along with Alex Kovalev. They also are not a good team and the 2 ? 8 in their last 10 games is an indication of how bad it really is there.
Florida is doing it with mirrors and the Bouwmeester situation is hanging over their heads right now. After a while the no-contract may force a trade then? who knows what happens.
The Sabres have been dealt a heavy duty blow with Tomas Vanek being out for for a long while.
Carolina got pasted last night by Florida and really and truly I don?t see much there either.

That leaves our Flightless Birds with Gonchar back? and it?s not going to happen right away but they may have enough in the bag while Gonchar gets his feet on the ground to take a few games in a row here. Not trying to JINX the boys but they have a golden opportunity with the Leafs, NYIslanders, Montreal, and the Flyers to pick up 8 points. Three of those games are road games and if they take them not only will they be back in the hunt they most likely will start believing again.

Speaking of Momma Cass she had shared her ham sandwich with Karen Carpenter, they both might be alive.

This is DR Hook? carry on

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