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Penguin Lineup Must Simplify Approach

Injuries or no injuries, the Pens need to play smarter hockey.  Actually when you are short bodies, the simple approach is better.   Clear the zone, get through the middle, shoot the puck in, and go get it — create opportunities with hard work.  The Penguins have not done these things over the last four games.  It is not the players who are out of the lineup who are responsible for this losing streak — it is the ones who are playing. 

The new forwards have done nothing to earn a continued spot in the lineup.  Chris Bourque may have some speed, but he has shown little else.  His size is against him – a strong wind would knock him off of the puck.  Chris Connor has not added much to the picture either.  Even though they have not been a positive factor, the responsibility to turn this around falls to the veterans.  Many of them have hit dry spells as well through this period.  In fact they weren’t scoring much even while winning.  Marc Andre Fleury’s brilliance in net was the main reason for many of the victories.  Of all the guys not playing well, Bill Guerin is at the top of the list.  Last night’s penalty in the offensive zone after misfiring on another shot was the icing on the cake.  This penalty led to New Jersey’s game-winning powerplay goal.  I am not using Guerin as a scapegoat – just saying if he had anything left, now would be the time to use some of it.  I never expected Guerin to have a big regular season — his true value will come in the playoffs.  The mistakes being made by him right now appear to be because his hands are failing him.  Giveaways galore and his failure to capitalize on scoring opportunities are hurting the team.  Come on, Billy — Be a veteran leader and step to the plate while we wait for our team to get healthy starting against the Bruins!!  That’s the view from E-11. 

Note — Fire Steigerwald.  I’m tired of watching the away games muted.  I can only tolerate listening to him for about half a period.   Then it’s the mute button.  His inane, junior high approach to broadcasting is an insult to the Penguin viewers and all junior high students.

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    November 16, 2009 at 9:06 am | Permalink

    I could agree with you any more. Bourque and Conners look to have the desire but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. If there is a chance of Bourque getting us mid-round pick from Boston I think we should do it. Conners although he had a good camp we all know the seasoned vets aren’t putting all out in camp. Some players have disadvantage because they can’t skate very fast and others have the size problem. It’s just the cards you are dealt. Conners is already sent down – Letestu is a better callup IMO because of his PK play especially in college. I wouldn’t be surprised if Luca Caputi now gets a call as he scored 2 against Albany – one of them while planted in front of the net.
    On the Steigerwald – he was cleared – but not out.


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