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Saint Valentine Massacre or LIMBO Dancing

M-A Fleury was for sure hung out to dry and made some fantastic saves but the facts also are that he got beat a some he should have stopped. Did they really care or is it that we aren’t much better than Toronto.
That first line of? Sickly Crosby?s finished the night at a MINUS 10. Most nights they would be voted a group MVP award by Toronto. However, Toronto decided to give it to the defensive pairing of Mark Eaton and Kris Letang. Who finished at a combined MINUS 6 and looked totally out of sync and like they had never been paired before. Fluery saved a few or they would have been much worse than the MINUS 6.
Whatever happened to the??if you can?t practice you don?t play? theory? Sickly, as captain, should have sat himself in favor of Chris Minard. Or, it should have come from Therrien himself. The Maple Leaf and Islander games are critical and in one of those I think we know that Mathieu Garon was going to start. Personally, Therrien (pure hindsight, here) should have started Garon against the Leafs? at least showing him some confidence after the Leafs shelled him in the first go around.
The Penguins are as low as the can go this year? three in a row to the Maple Leafs??? The LIMBO Dancing bar is at a Cruise-ship world record low right now and we might have to face it ? regardless of the individual talent this is simply not a good team.

How low can you go?

This is DR Hook? carry on

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