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Upcoming trade deadline part deux

With Whitney gone before the deadline the Penguin most rumored player in all of the trade rumors is gone. The questions are: Will the Penguins make another trade? Will it be a big one? Are the Penguins looking for anything in particular? Is Kunitz the winger that Shero has in mind for Crosby’s line or is he still looking for a sniper? Who are the possible players?

A lot of this was covered in our Pittsburgh Penguins & the NHL Trade Deadline 2009.  With four days left and Whitney gone, we thought we would re-iterate a few other minor trade possibilities.

It looks like with the addition of Chris Kunitz & Eric Tangradi that Mr. Shero is looking to add some toughness to the lineup. It sure didn’t hurt that the toughness that was added came with skill. Janne Pesonen has been ripping it up in the minors but his small size hasmade it hard for him to be added to the lineup. This makes him a likely trade. The fact that they brought him up the day before Whitney was traded and sent him back down the next day without playing him makes it look like Shero is shopping him.

With Whitney leaving and Letang getting ice time, we are going to pull Kris Letang from our likely players who could be traded come deadline.  It is still possible, just not likely

The play of Jordan Staal during the Chicago game was what we have been expecting out of him for last few years.  Staal is signed for a few years, and trading him in a Hossa sort of deal for a rental player doesn’t seem like a good idea. It could be that Staal like Crosby has just never had good wingers.  Keep in mind he is third in the depth chart of centers, and gets the hand me down wingers. A trade at this point wouldn’t be wise.

Colby Armstrong has been mentioned many times and I do still believe that this could go down.  Colby is a very positive force in the locker room, which would work well with Hockey Dan’s coaching style.  His fifteen goals this season with Atlanta is nothing to shake a hockey stick at either.

Maxime Talbot – Talbot was just signed to a two year deal in December and got soft. Shero is looking to roughen up the lineup, and Talbot with his team worst (now that Whitney’s gone) plus minus lowers his value to the Penguins.  He has scored a couple goals in the last few days.

Miroslav Satan is a possible rental player that could be dealt by the deadline also. Satan is set to become a free agent at the end of the season. His overall show up when he feels like it mentality makes his trade value very little. His play has improved and he looks like a whole new player with coach Hockey Dan. My recommendation is keep him, and toss him on Jordan Staal‘s line. The little I have seen them work together this year, they seemed to click.

The best move for the Penguins would be to make do with what they have, round up the extra cash they have this summer and try to sign up a great winger. These guys will be available this summer: Nik Antropov, Marian Gaborik Marian Hossa. To loose a player for a rental player that may not sign with the team would be a poor trade move.

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