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YEO still has the PP AND THE DEFENSE Too ?YIKES!

Mike Yeo apparently still has responsibility for the Power Play AND responsibility for the Defense????? YIKES? does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Where to start ? Is it really DUMB ASS COACHING or are the players, specifically Fleury, Staal and Whitney in competition for the PenguinPOOP?s Annual Richard Cranium Award.

All three of the players have been out to lunch and if they are going to be called CORE PLAYERS and PAID like CORE PLAYERS then they HAD BETTER? start?PLAYING like CORE PLAYERS – or sit all three of them down.

Staal is starting to look like he has the hands of Dupuis around the net? Fleury may want to schedule a visit to Lenscrafters or get pads made from Velcro? and as for Whitney – how many brain cramps can a player have without being sat down? His horrible play has nothing to do with his foot ? just horrible, horrible decisions that indicate he?s EARNED the team?s MR MINUS distinction. Staal and Whitney are a combined MINUS-26 and are projected to be a MINUS-44 at this rate.

I’m just thinking out loud here but possibly all three should be considered as TRADE BAIT. Maybe a Staal, Fleury, and Whitney for Kovalchuk, Lehtonen (who Atlanta is rumored to be shopping), and Armstrong wouldn?t be too bad, eh.

Meh? maybe I?m taking that loss to the Capitals way too hard, eh.

Anyhow… with the PP and defensive responsibilities given to Mike YEO maybe there is a pattern developing here. As to the overall coaching? the Capitals played against the Avalanche and got beaten down by a team playing a playoff style defense similar to what Therrien did?surprising ?the Flyers with the 1-2-2 (trap)? it might have been much better than to attempt to run and gun against them. Sometimes you change it up a bit a maybe don?t change that tie either.

It’s probably just a coincidence that when doing a spell check that ‘Abysmal’ is suggested for ‘Bylsma’…. or is it?

This is DR Hook? carry on

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  1. Ron Malore's Gravatar Ron Malore
    February 23, 2009 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Yeo looks like he is a nice guy. Bylsma is no John Tortorella IMHO. Nor, Tom Renny for that matter.


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