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Empty Netters Update

Pens’ fans breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday compliments of this blog post by Seth Rorabaugh:

An apology – 11-08-10

Monday, November 08, 2010 06:26 PM Written by Seth Rorabaugh

Last week, I posted an entry on thepensblog.com that gave the false impression that Post-Gazette management was considering eliminating the Empty Netters blog. Its future, then and now, was never in question and I was wrong to have suggested otherwise and to have summoned readers of Empty Netters to weigh in on something that was inaccurate. I apologize to my community for this error. I also apologize to my editors, who were caught by surprise by my post, and to the PG, which has always supported my work, given me editorial freedom from day one and invested considerable resources into this project.

In my efforts to show your passion for Empty Netters, I failed to display professionalism or good judgment. I ask you to forgive me.

Empty Netters is here to stay.

-Seth Rorabaugh



Here is the link:  http://blogs.sites.post-gazette.com/index.php/sports/empty-netters/22936-an-apology-11-08-10

Sorry, if I got your hopes up…it was not the answer to the power play.  It was however an assurance that Empty Netters, what I consider the most valuable blog for Pens’ fans around, is here to stay.

I commend Seth for stepping up and taking responsibility for worrying us all.  However, did anyone else notice that the apology was more vague than a Bylsma post-game interview?  I see that the future of Empty Netters is not in question, but it doesn’t say anything about Seth at its helm.  Reading through the comments someone asked what Seth’s initial post of concern was really about and he states that he can’t comment “per a confidentiality agreement with my editors.”

Something still seems a little fishy to me.  Though, I like a good conspiracy theory or scandal and I need something exciting to get me through this Pens slump.

I certainly hope that this isn’t the calm before the storm and that the Post Gazette realizes that there is no Empty Netters without Seth Rorabaugh.  I’ll step back from the riot lines from now, but I’ll stay on alert.

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