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Penguins Are A Good Road Playoff Team

I just finished watching the Boston-Buffalo game.  Five series have two games completed and all five are 1-1.  In two of the other three the visiting team has won the opener.  This leaves Vancouver as the only team with a chance to open 2-0 at home.  The lower seed should have an advantage now, as three of the next four games will be played in their building.  How will the Penguins fare with this scenario?  Ottawa will now have the last change and have the better chance of getting the match-ups that they want.  They will try to use their best defensive unit to stop Crosby.  This is where the Penguins depth will come in.  Malkin and Staal’s lines should now get more scoring opportunities and they will cash in.  Malkin will be able to be more productive if Bylsma pulls the switch and puts Talbot with him from the beginning of the game.  Talbot played nine minutes in Game Two.  Poni played eleven.  Talbot played a couple of shifts with Malkin and even though Poni played a little better, Talbot was much more noticeable.  This move does actually weaken the fourth line some, but maybe this is the poke that the Poni needs.  To win in the playoffs, everyone on the roster has to contribute along the way.  McKee will get his chance on Sunday.  His defensive abilities will be a plus for the Penguins.  The Penguins have been a good road playoff team and this year will be no different.  That’s the view from E-11.

Note — We have heard many varying opinions on the Sutton hit.  Rob Rossi of the Trib even changed his mind.  This is what I saw — Sutton left his feet and elbowed Leopold in the head. 

Note — So many awesome things in Friday’s win.  My favorite was Rupp putting Smith through he boards at the Zamboni entrance. (I know Letang’s goal from Crosby was more important.)

Note — I want to thank Steigy for this gem —  “Players can’t play with desperation unless they are desperate.”

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    Steigy Sucks, Bring Lange back 2 TV


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