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Penguins Finally Get First Win at Console

All it took was for the Islanders to come to town without their three best players.  The Pens still look terribly sloppy.  Hopefully, it doesn’t take much longer before they begin to gel.

Brent Johnson looked good again.  I  certainly am not a Fleury basher, but Johnson has the only victories.  I like Fleury and I think he is the guy, but mayber he needs some additional motivation to keep him focused. 

If the League follows through with a suspension to Letang, that will be a huge travesty.  The refs messed up the call, but I hope the league doesn’t try to back them up with a suspension.

It was nice to see Tangradi get his first NHL goal.

Big game against the Flyers tomorrow night.

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  1. Cunneyworth15's Gravatar Cunneyworth15
    October 16, 2010 at 12:32 am | Permalink

    Hi Reg,

    I watched the game earlier tonight,and I agree,the Penguins are still playing sloppy. I didn’t like the fact that Matt Cooke took so many penalties,sure Dipietro acted like he was shot on one of the goalie interference calls,but this was a big game that the Pens needed to win,and Cooke spending time in the box,isn’t helping the team. The Letang call was totally bogus,and he shouldn’t be suspended for it. Johnson is looking good,you think there going to start him against the Flyers?

    I enjoy reading the blog,keep up the good work! Go Pens!


    • Reg Dunlop's Gravatar Reg Dunlop
      October 16, 2010 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

      It would appear that the Pens will go back to Fleury this evening. He has had good success against the Flyers on the road. I think that Pens are (for now) sticking to their pre-determined goalie plan.
      Thanks for the kind words. We love to hear what everyone else is thinking so please continue to post your thoughts.


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