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Penguins Lose to Devils………..Again!

Well, there it is.  A clean sweep for the New Jersey Devils.  I am not sure what power the Devils have over the Pens, but it is overwhelming.  How about the fact that the Devils convert on just about every turnover the Pens commit.  How about the fact that on just about every opportunity the Devils get from a turnover, Fleury cannot come up with a big save.  Not that this all on Fleury, but the Pens have to count on him to cover up for a mistake or two along the way.  Maybe it is the fact that although the Pens are creating chances against the Devils, they cannot finish when given the opportunity.  How about two consecutive bad passes along the Devil’s blueline while on the powerplay.  Who knows what the answer is?

All games feature mistakes by the Penguins.  It just seems to bite them in the ass every time they mess up against the Devils.  I guess that is just the way it is when a team has your number.


  • I have mentioned this before, but Crosby has to abandon the cross-ice pass attempts.  Everyone in the league knows it is coming.  At least if he shoots from that spot half the time, the other teams would have to respect the shot. I cannot remember the last time he got one through.
  • Is it just me or does anyone else think that Letang could have made a better effort to stop Elias on the shorty?
  • At what point should we expect to see Ponikarovsky contribute?
  • The Pens have outshot the Devils in all but one of their meetings this season.  This includes tonight.  The Pens held the Devils to just 19 shots on goal this evening.

Sorry, but I get angry watching the Pens continually lose the Devils.  Here is hoping to New Jersey losing in the first round.

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