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Penguins Lose To Lighting: Must Be the Florida Sunshine Blues

The way the first period was going, I thought the Pens might score like 10 goals in this game.  Unfortunately, I thought Tampa Bay might score 6 or 7.  The way Pens moved the puck on their first power play was magical.  I could have watched that all night.  On the other hand, Fleury seemed to be very shaky.  He let in the first shot he faced, much like in Nashville.  He then proceeded to let in the second goal on, what I consider to be, a shot he should stop every time.

What is up with Fleury?  I am certainly not ready to give up on him, but he needs to have one of those games where he steals two points.  We are going to need him as this season progresses.

After the first period, the rest of the team also failed to bring their “A” game.  There was a lot of sloppy play.  How many times will Crosby have to get one of those cross-ice, blue line passes intercepted before he decides that maybe that is not a great idea?  It seemed as though a number of player gave nothing better than a lazy effort tonight.  They had a lot of penalties and even were assessed a penalty that resulted in a penalty shot.  (Fleury actually stood tall and stopped the PS)

Though the power play was a dismal O for, I like the new PP game plan.  I think once they get more comfortable with the new PP and learn to use the “rover” more effectively; the Pens will be more successful.  Certainly, the coaching staff needs to convince all of these guys that shots on goal are good.   Ultimately, I think this is a good change.


  • How about Craig Adams?  1 goal and 2 assists, he is a scoring machine.  Perhaps he should play on the top line with Crosby.
  • It was pretty amazing to see the Pens get 2, count ‘em, 2 shorthanded goals on one Tampa power play.
  • Is it just me, or does Paul Martin seem to be too relaxed with the puck at times?

A little Philadelphia Flyer matchup will be a nice motivation boost for our boys.

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