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Pittsburgh Penguins: Breaking Curses Since 2010

How about those Pens?!?!  Breaking the Consol and power play curses in the same weekend!  Just a few quick thoughts:

  • I’m glad to see that the league did the right think and revoked Letang’s 5 minute major and game misconduct.  This means that he will have a clean slate and that his next violation of the hit to head rule will not result in an automatic suspension.  You know, since he has such a track record of those and all.  (I really wish that there was a universal sarcasm font out there.  Note to self:  invent universal sarcasm font.)  It would have been really nice if the refs realized he hit Comeau’s shoulder before they threw him out.  Even Bailey, who jumped to Comeau’s defense, said he never thought it was a hit to the head.  Comeau, who fell to the ice and laid there like a log, was hurt so badly that he was out on the ice when the Isles scored on the PP.  I know the league doesn’t want to move to in-game review of those calls, but what’s to prevent that kind of embellishment to get a guy tossed?  I understand why the rule is being enforced like it is and it’s an important rule, the number of players in the league currently dealing with concussing symptoms is out of control.  But, the league needs to find a way to balance safety with the abuse of the rule.
  • Wear the baby blues for every home game until the magic wears off.  It’s ironic that the blue jerseys that everyone thinks are “cursed” got the first win in the “cursed” arena.  Truth is, the blue throwbacks had a pretty impressive record going into last night’s game.  I’m all about superstitions and going with what works.
  • Speaking of going with what works, I had no problem with Bylsma going with Johnson tonight even given the back-to-back situation.  This whole argument about worrying about Fleury’s confidence is getting a little old.  He’s not a first or second year goaltender.  He’s not even that young age-wise anymore for a starter and he’s in his 5th season as a full-time NHL starter.  It’s time to stop coddling him and make him realize that he has to earn his games if he’s not going to be consistent.  Remember how well he played when he felt like he had to earn his games from Conklin…?
  • Huge props to Letestu!  I don’t think I need to list the reason that the kid deserves kudos, but let me add two more that he earned tonight.  As of the scoring of right now (hurry up and post this, Bombay), Letestu leads all rookies in points (5) and goals (3).
  • It’s good to see that some things never change.  Apparently the Philly fans booed the mite player who said he wanted to play for the Pens when he grows up and started an “assss-hooollle” chant for him.  For a little kidFlyers fans…always kicking the class up a notch.  Oh, and will they ever learn that the “Crosby sucks” chants is the definition of an epic fail?
  • Finally, Phil Krundle needs to put up his post about Crosby’s slow start the night before every gameSid is out of his “slump.”  Crosby came out and scored two goals tonight, and on the power play no less!  We all know that playing in Philly ignites a spark in Sid, but I’m guessing that the criticism he’s been getting from the fans and media added to it as well.  No one with as much of a competitive edge as Sid and who is as hard on himself as he is likes to hear people question his game.  Besides, superstitions and all…

So, I’m at all the home games and missed the first road game thanks to corporate America.  This is the first broadcast I was able to watch.  I’m glad to see that FSN is also further cashing in on the move to sponsor every little possible thing.  (See, that sarcasm font would come in handy again)

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  1. Malkamania4life's Gravatar Malkamania4life
    October 19, 2010 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    Finally a person who actually gets it! Great read, and from the looks of things replies to each comment,unlike most. Hey buddy, consider me a fan of yours!

  2. Cunneyworth15's Gravatar Cunneyworth15
    October 17, 2010 at 4:06 pm | Permalink

    Good article dude,I agree with all points. I’d like to see Brent Johnson start a few more games,he’s a very reliable goalie,who plays a completely different style then MAF,but I got no problem with that as long as he keeps winning games for them. As for the blue jerseys…I like them better then the ones they got planned for the winter classic,they should have totally rocked the early 80’s edition.

    I watched the game on the FSN network and loved it. I live in Canada,and got Center Ice,so I get to watch the Penguins games,it was my first time experience with FSN,and I look forward to watching more of it.

    Keep up the good work,love reading this blog!


  3. Qwail's Gravatar Qwail
    October 16, 2010 at 11:30 pm | Permalink

    I guess two cursed makes a win. Id rather lose in black and gold thank you!

  4. Sandi Eddy's Gravatar Sandi Eddy
    October 16, 2010 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    When the Penguins originally wore the blue jerseys they sucked ass. Why wear the blue jerseys now? Wear something similar to what Mario wore when they won the cup.


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