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Pittsburgh Penguins Game Day Poop – January 14, 2010 – Edmonton

The Penguins play the Edmonton Oilers tonight at 9:30PM it will be shown in HD on Fox Sports Pittsburgh.

pp0157Wow, the power play last night looked amazing, there was movement, they were blocking the goaltender’s view and the best part was that they weren’t just standing there. The players were actually using their skills and rotating around the ice so Calgary couldn’t get the matchups the liked. Wow.

Alex Goligoski seems to be in a slump, he’s a -6 since returning from his groin pull injury in the middle of December, but when you consider this is his first full season in the NHL, he is #6 in scoring on the Penguins even though he has missed 10 games and he is still a plus 5 overall, it is hard to complain about the job he has done.

Brian Burke has had one of my favorite quotes of the last few weeks with “We can’t just take the 23 best players, If we just take the 23 best players and try to beat Canada and Russia, we’re going to lose at that game.” You are in charge of the USA team Brian, you are allowed to take the best players.

I don’t know if douche bag Ron Cooke from the Post Gazette’s goal is to get Evgeni Malkin to leave town or if he’s trying to get Penguins fans to hate Malkin, but the 2nd rate journalist from a midwest agricultural college that doesn’t have a hockey team who doesn’t go to most Penguins games and doesn’t have an ounce of hockey knowledge sure has convinced other fans of lesser hockey knowledge that he knows what he is talking about.  Stick up for Malkin, stop reading the douche bag Ron Cooke, I have.

If you were wondering why there were weird echoes and other goofy stuff happening during the Penguins broadcast last night it may have happened because FSN suspended it’s producer Lowell MacDonald Jr. for not forfeiting a replay the other night in a timely fashion that conclusively showed the puck crossing the line on a Flyers goal. Just a tip for the FSN crew in the truck: If you have conclusive evidence of something that you wish to hold back, don’t show it on the air a minute later. The Flyers TV crew destroyed the evidence of Hartnell biting Letang.

Max Talbot’s new commercial aired last night with the players in the commercial no longer wearing Penguin Jerseys. I guess the Penguins or the NHL or whoever holds the rights to that sort of thing made them stop using the Penguin Jerseys. You can view the original commercial where they are wearing the Penguin Jerseys below before they pull it from youtube:


Hopefully the Penguins will have an easy time of it tonight with their powerplay rolling and playing Edmonton who is ranked 29th out of the 30 NHL teams, with the 3rd worst goals against.  As of the time of this post, Fluery is penned in to be playing goal.

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    January 15, 2010 at 12:56 pm | Permalink

    Brian Burke has taken over the Maple Leafs and with Ron Wilson as coach moves them into a solid 28th spot in the overall rankings. But has also lost their 2010 and 2011 first round draft choice plus a second round because he traded it for Phil Kessel. That could very well likely be two lottery picks. Burke and Wilson in charge of TEAM USA! LOL……….. maybe the idiots will get lucky. That’s all Team USA has going for it and Toronto too is luck. These 2-guys are hockey dinosaurs.

  2. DR Hook's Gravatar DR Hook
    January 15, 2010 at 9:00 am | Permalink

    The Stillers are caput and Ron Cook gets the assignment to write about hockey. The ‘dying alive’ comment shows how removed from the scene he is. That ‘dying alive’ comment was taken out of context by reporters and most Penguin fans know this. All good reporters should. If you recall seeing Jagr was almost in tears talking about it and how it was presented. Did Jagr sulk a tad? Sure he did but he was one hell of a hockey player too.
    Malkin got a third star last night and was shut-out on the scoresheet and while the year isn’t a repeat of last season for Cook to suggest he misses his Mommy and Daddy and is a sulker is the kind of a-hole reporting he usually delivers and why many skip over many of Cook writes. I don’t follow the Stillers enough to know if Cook does know football but for sure he does his hockey column from the inside his office no where close to the Igloo.


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