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Top 25 Pittsburgh Penguins Gift Ideas for 2010

PenguinPoop’s top 25 gift ideas for the Pittsburgh Penguin crazy fan in your life. Toasters, Gnomes, items going for $3.99 to thousands of dollars. We did all of your holiday shopping leg work. You better hurry, many of the items are in limited supply! 

Here is our top 25 Pittsburgh Penguin gift ideas in no particular order. The prices given we’re the prices at the time I found the item. You can click on the picture of the items for more information, or for actual purchasing, as I said, we did the legwork for you! 

Pittsburgh Penguins ProToast NHL Toaster  
For the Penguin fan who has everything.    
Actually if they have everything, then they have   
this and should probably be getting you something.    

Annual Penguins Booster Club Charity Ornament  
This will probably be sold out soon if it is not already. Only $20.00 and proceeds  
from the sale of the charity ornament set will benefit the Autism Society of Pittsburgh.
These are now available autographed by players, coaches and more.  They
are listed in an Auction that ends on December 10th.
Booster Club Charity Ornament Auction

Winter Classic Tickets
This is the gift that all true Penguin Hockey fans want.New Years Day  
 Penguins vs. Capitals, Sidney Crosby vs. Ovechkin outdoors at   
Heinz Field.  Tickets range in price from $170 a piece to thousands.    
Here are 3 of the many places they can be purchased: 


Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Winter Classic Tassle Knit Hat 
You need to stay warm on New Years day for the Winter Classic, 
you might as well do it in style.  $19.99

Pittsburgh Penguins Golf Bag 
Know a Penguin Fan who likes to golf?  For $229 they can look good 
even while golfing bad.
Don't forget a Penguin head cover for $23.99: 
     Daphne's Emperor Penguin Golf Club Headcover

NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Mr Potato Head 
Not a lot to explain here, It's the Pittsburgh Penguins, it's 
Mr. Potato Head, it's only $14.99

Forever Collectibles NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Logo Bandz
Kids love these and @ $3.99 these are the perfect stocking stuffer!

Pittsburgh Penguins Automotive Floor Mat - 2 Pack 
Once again for the fan who has most everything, 
car floor mats $27.99 for 2

Pittsburgh Penguins "Let's Go Pens" Traffic Light 
Just like a real traffic light except way different $34.99 

NHL: Stanley Cup 2008-2009 Champions: Pittsburgh Penguins DVD  
For $13.99 the Stanley Cup Championship can be enjoyed over and over.

NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Aqua Optical Computer Mouse 
$17.99 USB mouse works with Windows or Apple based computers 
This optical computer mouse will let you browse the internet in style.

Civic Arena Seats
If you haven't heard, they have removed the seats from the old 
home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  These are for sale to 
season ticket holders only until November 30th.  December 1st 
they go on sale to the general public.  For $615 they will ship
two free standing chairs of your choice to your home.  They are
selling fast!  I got 2 orange seats for myself. 

NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Pub Table
Every Pub needs a table $242.99 & every table needs a bar stool
bar stools are sold separately.

Pittsburgh Penguins Padded Bar Stool
My brother has 4 of these bar stools at his bar.  $86.82 a piece.

Pittsburgh Penguins Team Carpet Tiles
This is a bit overboard for me, but if you want a room
or your whole house done in Pittsburgh Penguin
carpet squares, you can do it at $4.00 per square foot.

Forever Collectibles NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Garden Gnome
Gnomes, you either love them or your deathly afraid of them. $17.44

Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Winter Classic Team Premier Jersey
You can't go wrong here.  This is the Official Penguins jersey of the 2011 Winter Classic game to be held
at Heinz Field.  This jersey will also be worn two more times this year.  It will also be worn by the Penguins
on February 10th vs the LA Kings and March 12th vs Montreal.  It is expected that this jersey will become
the Penguins third jersey next year.  Price range from the non player jersey $124.99 click the link above
or $159.99 for the numbered player jerseys.  Click on the player jersey your interested in above.
Crosby and Malkin are now $154.99 for most sizes.
Sidney Crosby Winter Classic t-shirt $20.99
For those of you more frugal in nature, Here is a list of Winter Classic
t-shirts that are for sale all sizes that range in price from $12.99 and up
Just click on link below.  



Pittsburgh Penguins Crystal Logo Necklace
You know she wants to show support for her team... $29.99 
How about matching earrings:  $19.95
Pittsburgh Penguins Crystal Logo Earrings  

Pittsburgh Penguins Gifts
You've got a diehard hockey fan on your hands and/or you
 live out of town.  You have two great options.  Call your 
TV programming provider and order NHL Center Ice 
(prices are different everywhere) where you can watch not 
just the Penguin games, but almost every game live, you 
can order NHL GameCenter Live.  For around $169.00 
you can watch all season long up to four games on your 
computer at the same time, home or away broadcasts.  
Perfect for fantasy hockey players.

Pittsburgh Penguins Apron and Mitt Set
I, the grill master supreme, still manage to get BBQ all over me
every time I grill.  For $29.99 I keep that from happening and
prevent burnt fingers all while looking cool.

PenguinPoop Candy Dispenser
My sister has one on her desk at work,
PenguinPoop writer Southside Shulzie has one.
It's a Penguin Pooping candy dispenser, how
could this not make our top 25  Plus it's only
$5.75. Everyone needs one.

NHL Pittsburgh Penguins 14" Neon Clock
Not only does this clock have the ability to tell time
and light up a room, it also matches the bar stools
and table up above.  All for $81.99

Disney Club Penguin Air Hockey Play Set
It's Penguins, maybe not the Pittsburgh Penguins,
but it's Penguins playing hockey.
Great for the youngsters.  Ages 5 and up.  $29.99

Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic Puck
Great piece of memorabilia for only $8.95, this is probably the
only time the Penguins will ever play on Heinz Field.

If your for a harder to find puck gift, the one below is only $99.99
 Mario Lemieux Hand Signed Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Hockey Puck

Got a special puck you want to display? For $24.99 you can get this:
Pittsburgh Penguins Single Hockey Puck Display Case

Be a part of Penguin History, add your photo to the Mario Mosaic today!
This is too cool.  For $66.00 you can have any photo added to the Mario Mosaic.  They did not get enough 
 photos in time for the original mosaic that is on display at the Consol Energy Center.  So they are again 
 taking submissions for the new completed mosaic which will be displayed at the beginning of next season.  
 Having your photo permanently displayed where the Penguins play hockey and having the $66 go towards  
 the Mario Lemieux Foundation's cancer research projects and Austin's Playroom Project, 
 it's the gift that's keeps on giving!

Boelter Pittsburgh Penguins Countertop Fridge
For $499.00 you can be pulling cans of Iron City from this
  fridge while watching the game. 
Already have a bar fridge you say?  For $5.99 here's a nice big 
 fridge magnet that turns your fridge into a Penguins fridge. 
 That's a savings of $494.00 
     Pittsburgh Penguins Official Fridge Magnet

Still haven’t found what your looking for?  Here is a list of thousands of Pittsburgh Penguin Gift Ideas that can be shipped:

Pittsburgh Penguins Gift Ideas


*We here at PenguinPoop are not responsible for the happiness of the gift receiver, we are only recommending.  
 In case of fire do not use elevators.  Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs 
 may increase the risk of food borne related illness. We are only watching the game, controlling it.  These posts may contain nuts.
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  1. Jean Pronovost's Gravatar Jean Pronovost
    November 25, 2010 at 8:56 am | Permalink

    Shouldn’t we be collecting some sort of royalties on the Waddling Penguin Pooper?

  2. JOPA's Gravatar JOPA
    November 24, 2010 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    Great list!

  3. Steven's Gravatar Steven
    November 24, 2010 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

    Another thing…. Why would you buy the black seats??? These seats are to high priced also like the WC tickets but I’m getting some for my basement bar anyway. If they’re still available come next Wednesday that is. Great list by the way. Like the penguin pooper!

  4. Piedmont's Gravatar Piedmont
    November 24, 2010 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    Not a fan of the new jerseys, but I need to keep my Letang jersey collection complete.

    People are afraid of gnomes???

  5. ABSki's Gravatar ABSki
    November 24, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    These Winter Classic tickets are outragous for crappy seats. I’m still hoping to go though.

    • Steven's Gravatar Steven
      November 24, 2010 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

      Could not agree more! I can go to about 7 normal games for that price. We couldn’t even see the puck in buffalo! If the prices come down I may go… Otherwise f-it.

  6. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    November 24, 2010 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    I just sent this anonymously to my husband using the email to a friend button. I want 1 of each!

  7. OzzieG's Gravatar OzzieG
    November 24, 2010 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

    I’m holding out for a Penguins toaster that “poops” out the toast. Where the hell do you find this stuff? Incredible list!

  8. November 24, 2010 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

    Nice list, Krundle! I’ll take a pair of orange seats and a mini fridge. You can give me the mini fridge on Christmas and I’ll just wait for the seats to be delivered. Better hurry up and see what the rest of the guys want so that you can get your shopping done.


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