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Top 5 reason NHLers don’t want to go to Olympic Games in Russia

1. Back Bacon is better than Borscht

2. The Beer is much better in Canada

3. 8 hour time difference means games played in prime time in Russia will be on at noon on East Coast and 9:00 AM on West Coast.

4. Because we all want to see Ted Leonsis’ reaction when Oven-Chicken and Alex Seamen leave the Caps in mid season to go play for Mother Russia

And Finally…. 5 NHL players would rather spend 2 weeks in Winnipeg in February than in Russia

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  1. A Slick's Gravatar A Slick
    March 2, 2010 at 5:23 am | Permalink

    In PHat Ted Leonsis’ blog he claims that they have created a team by adhering to a plan and by sound cap management. They are a “happy group” and that he believes “happy teams” win. Yet, last year they came out of Game 6 injured and went into Game 7 so injured (at least that’s what they claimed after they got their ass handed to them) so where does the “happy” come from?

    Where was that depth?

    Where does the sound cap management come from?

    The salary cap was so mismanaged that they couldn’t even pull off a deadline deal last season. The only reason they have cap room now is because Nylander became so much of a embarrassment they jettisoned him to the Grand Rapids Griffins and now he’s slid back the the Swedish Elite League.

    This is a guy Leonsis who’s ego is bigger than Ovechkin’s ego. While Leonsis goes about BSing his fan base this “happy” team has two rookies in goal plus an over the hill midget in Theodore to chosse from in goal. If they don’t get a bona fide solid goaltender it will be a team like Boston snuffing them in the first round. Just like those Ruskies got snuffed out of the Olympics.

    Goaltending is this teams Achilles’ heal. Not the need for a few players – a team with an owner who’s ego and team tampering will somehow screw things up, as usual.


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