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Bombs Away: Caps Can’t Get Enough Of The Pens

The Pens and Caps is more than a rivalry, it has become a story of unrequited love.  Or obsession.  If we have learned nothing else about the Caps this season, especially through the eyes of 24/7, it’s that they have this non-stop focus on the Pens.

During the HBO series, we saw constant references by Caps’ coach Boudreau to the Pens, regardless of the teams that the Caps were facing.  Many teams will use other teams as a model or benchmark to measure themselves against during the season.  If you remember at that time though, the Pens were on a hot streak and the Caps couldn’t buy a win.  Instead of concentrating on their own game though, Boudreau seemed more intent on what was going on with the Pens.

The fans are just as bad.  As soon as the Caps finally got a win you would’ve thought the fans would’ve have relished in the moment and celebrated like crazy.  Not quite.  The immediate reaction was a chant of, “We want Pittsburgh.”

So, I’m half watching the pre-game stuff today while doing some things around the house and I take a peek at Twitter.  I see that Stoosh from The Pensblog and Empty Netters were reporting that the Caps were playing “Green and Yellow” during pre-game warm-ups.  Really?

So, the Caps are going to jump on the bandwagon of another city’s team in a different sport to try to get in the heads of  the Pens.  Yes, the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl.  Yes, the Steelers and the Pens are both from Pittsburgh and support each other.  Yes, the Steelers and Pens both wear black and some form of gold…or, for purposes of the Wiz Khalifa song, the Steelers wear “yellow.”  Yes, “Black and Yellow” has been parodied into “Green and Yellow” to appease the Packers fans who the Caps…who wear red, white, and blue…have decided to support in order to get in the heads of the Pens.

Did that last paragraph confuse you?  Exactly.  That’s how much of a stretch and how stupid playing “Green and Yellow” was by the Caps.

Is there another team out there this obsessed with an opponent?  I mean, I get that there’s a rivalry and all, but this is just crazy.  The funny part is, yeah, the Pens and the fans here know it’s a rivalry, acknowledge the hate, get pumped up for the game, and then move on.

It’s like that crazy stalker that you try to ignore but just won’t go away.  It’s kind of a little creepy.

I have a suggestion.  Instead of focusing on trying to get in the heads of the Pens or doing things to insult our city or our fans, why not focus on just getting your fanbase excited about what you’re doing.  They might be behind you now, but how many early playoff exits will it take for them to turn on you?  Guess what, they won’t remember then that you played “Green and Yellow” today, they’ll just remember that you always choke when it matters.

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  1. schmoe_in_dc's Gravatar schmoe_in_dc
    February 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    Pens fan, grew up in Pittsburgh, been living in DC (Va) for some time.

    The Capitals hockey environment in DC is totally different from the environment in Pittsburgh. For most of the last 20 years, the Capitals have been a niche team. (One year the WNBA Mystics sold more seats.. ouch!) There are several reasons why:

    – With the exception of the Redskins, sports are 2nd tier entertainment in DC. Part of the reason is that so much else is going on, and part of the reason is that region is very transient. Many of us grew up elsewhere and remain loyal to our childhood teams.

    – The Capitals have a miserable history of chocking. Mario and Penguins twice came back from 3-1 playoff deficits in 90’s. A Jagr-led team did it again after Lemieux’s first retirement. A Crosby led team beat the Caps a few years back (although not in 3-1 come back fashion), and last year the Caps lost to Montreal in the first round.

    – Until the Ovechkin era, the Capitals played a boring defensive style game.

    Hockey was so bad that Penguins fans often out numbered Capital fans at Pens/Caps games in DC. The Penguins fans were loud and obnoxious. There would be sea of black and gold jerseys. Even today, the team will not sell single game tickets to Pens games. You have to by at least a 6 game ticket package (it might actually be 12, I am not quite sure).

    I should note that things are changing. DC is where Pittsburgh was in 1990 shortly before the Penguins won their first cup. There is interest and excitement, but it is very vulnerable. If the Caps fail to capitalize, they will be back to their old niche selves.

    All this background leads to why the Capitals are so bitter at Pittsburgh:
    – The embarrassing history between the two franchises where Pittsburgh wins all the big games.
    – The bitterness of being outnumber by Penguin fans at DC home games.
    – The natural dislike that arises between two teams who each have a player competing for the unofficial best-player-in-hockey.

  2. Wilting Flower's Gravatar Wilting Flower
    February 7, 2011 at 6:40 pm | Permalink

    You’re right, this is not a rivalry. Rivalries consist on teams winning/losing at a close pace…the CAPS love playing the Pens, because it is a guaranteed victory! We smoked you yesterday. Here we go: Malkin and Crosby were out, well Semin, Poti, and Fehr (the guy who beat Pitt in the classic) were out too. So, go cry elsewhere with Sid and make classier posts fella. With Love.


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