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Bombs Away: The Canadian Media Knows Everything About Nothing

The Canadian “mainstream media” knows all, it case you didn’t know.  Krundle thought he was an expert on concussions.  Little does he know that he was beat to that title weeks ago.  As soon it was announced that Crosby had a concussion following the hit by Victor Hedman in the game against Tampa Bay, that theory was immediately put to rest.  TSN’s Darren Dreger declared that his sources told him that it was the hit by David Steckel in the Winter Classic that caused the concussion.  End of story.

Now, last time I checked, there were no medical doctors hidden amongst TSN’s, or any of the other Canadian media outlet’s, sports crews.  But, suddenly, everyone was diagnosing Sid’s concussion.  Everyone was an expert on when he sustained it and the cover up by the Pens that followed.

The alleged cover up has to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard of in a long time.  Think about it.  The Pens let their star player, the centerpiece of their franchise, knowingly dress with what could be a career altering injury that could be aggravated by further play.  That means that Lemieux, Shero, Bylsma, and the medical and training staff all essentially said, “We don’t give a damn about Sid’s health or future, we need to go out there and cream Tampa.”  Oh, and let’s not forget about Sid.  Sid, who takes his training and health more seriously than anyone, and is probably the most honest guy you’ll meet, decided to risk his health and career and go along with this massive cover up.  All to pull the wool over the league’s eyes so Sid could play against the Lightning.

Nice try.  I’m not buying it.  From every report about the type of symptoms Sid has been experiencing, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t have been able to play against Tampa even if there had been this great conspiracy.

As anyone who is the victim of some sort of wrong, Sid took the opportunity to speak out about the league’s policy on hits to the head.  He is a high profile player and a member of the NHLPA, so who better to show his support for the growing cry for some sort of stronger action. Ah, perfect opportunity for those damn Canadians to jump all over Sid!  Where was Sid when Cooke hit Savard?  Why didn’t he say anything then?

AHA!  Busted Hosers!  Those tricky bloggers south of the border used a quick web search and found out that he did speak out then.  I searched Yahoo and immediately came up with this from the Huffington Post on 3/18/10 when Sid was asked about Cooke’s hit on Savard:

“At some point there’s got to be a clear indication from the league because we’ve seen this so many times now,” Penguins captain Sidney Crosby said. “You don’t like to see anyone, their own teammate or an opposing player, lay on the ice like that. That was scary.”

That took a lot of effort.  Is Sid saying more now?  Well, yeah.  Who doesn’t when something happens to them.  Instead, the good “mainstream media” guys north of the border have resorted to calling Sid a whiner.  Someone check their passports and make sure they aren’t really from Philly!

Then it just got better.  David Shoalts of The Globe and Mail wrote a piece citing sources out of Pittsburgh and the Pens stating that Sid was so mad at the league for not doing anything about hits to the head that he was skipping the All Star Game in protest.  Well, that just sent the whole hockey world into a frenzy.  Jeff Marek over at CBC jumped on the Crosby is a whiner bandwagon.  The best part of the Shoalts piece that set off the whole Crosby ASG drama?  The next day Shoalts tried to backtrack saying it was an opinion piece.  That gets a big old WTF?

To all of you self-proclaimed experts on Crosby’s concussion and his obvious attempt to cover it up and hold the league hostage up there in Canada, I say:

Come on, you all new that was coming!  Any excuse to use the expert clip!  Seriously though, the way they’re treating Sid, you’d think he was a part of the Russian WJC team that just embarrassed their boys.  Yeah, I went there.

Stay tuned for breaking news coming soon.  It may or may not be a PenguinPoop exclusive.  It will be good though and it will blow this Concussion Gate Non-Controversy out of the water!

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  1. Cunneyworth15's Gravatar Cunneyworth15
    January 20, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    Nice little article Coach Bombay,and I agree with you for the most part. I actually had this debate with my friends,who said the same thing…”Where was Sid when Cooke laid out Savard?” So I thank you for finding that tidbit of information.

    I live in Canada,and I am a big Sid supporter,but I got to say,a lot of Canadians don’t like him because of the whinnyness. However plenty of star players in the league whined to officials in the first few years,both Gretzky and Mario had bad raps for that,but I think Crosby is maturing as the years go on.

    As for Canada not winning gold at the WJC,last time I checked the States were behind us yet again,Hockey is Canada,nuff said 😛

  2. Jacqui's Gravatar Jacqui
    January 20, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    The media and their fans. Love listening to the Canadian fans whine everytime one of their players get touched on the ice. Read the article and to think a game is worth more than the rest of Sid’s career is just nonsense.

  3. Mapleleafsareidiots's Gravatar Mapleleafsareidiots
    January 20, 2011 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    So much for scoring that winning goal Sid! They probably have more respect for Paul Bernardo in the great white north Eh!


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