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Top 25 Pittsburgh Penguins Gift Ideas for 2011

PenguinPoop’s 2011 top 25 gift ideas for the Pittsburgh Penguin crazy fan in your life.   Toasters, Rubber Duckies, items going for $7.99 to thousands of dollars.  We did all of your holiday shopping leg work. You better hurry, many of the items are in limited supply!!!

Here is our top 25 Pittsburgh Penguin gift ideas in no particular order.  The prices listed
  we’re the prices at the time I found the item.  You can click on the picture of the items
  for more information, or for actual purchasing, as I said, we did the legwork for you!

Click here to view last years list:  Top 25 Pittsburgh Penguins Gift Ideas for 2010

How could we not start out with this?  Rick Buker, a writer here at PenguinPoop has just released his second book.  It is perfect for Penguin fans of all ages, fans that are new to the Penguins and fans that have been around since the beginning.  Since it was just released, chanced are the person you would be buying it for doesn’t have it yet.  It also is a great stocking stuffer!100 Things Penguins Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die $10.17 

Also check out Rick’s first book
Total Penguins- The Definitive Encyclopedia of the Pittsburgh Penguins $19.77

Just in time for the holidays, Wendell August Forge has crafted two unique ornaments from pieces of the steel roof at the old Civic Arena – with all proceeds benefitting Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation youth charities.Each ornament is available for $29.00 One features an image of the Civic Arena and the Pittsburgh skyline; the second features an image of the Civic Arena and the logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who were the building’s anchor tenant from 1967-2010.Ornaments are available exclusively at www.pittsburghpenguinsfoundation.org.


Get one while you can, the company that makes these recliners went out of business, but Levin Furniture Store here in Pittsburgh still has a limited quantity left for $498.00 each.

If you need something to watch the game on while sitting in the recliner, Sharp’s new GIANT 80 INCH LED-LCD TV with a fantastic refresh rate for watching high speed sports should do the trick.  At 80 inches big, you’ll feel like your at the game!  If you have a spare $4500, the PenguinPoop home office could use one of the also.

 Sharp AQUOS 80″ LED-LCD TV  $4500.00

Got a teenager with a messy stinky bedroom?  Trick them. 

Your teenage will think that you got them super cool Pittsburgh
Penguins gifts when really it is for you.  


NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Air Freshener $9.99
Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 15″ Waste Basket $23.42

Use your sliced carrots as hockey pucks and practice your shot with this Pittsburgh Penguins multifunctional cutting board.  It can also be used to draw up plays.

Wincraft Pittsburgh Penguins Team Logo Cutting Board $29.99

The Florida Road Trip, basically it’s the same road trip the players took their dads on a couple weeks ago except in reverse.   This one may require some planning.  On Friday night January 13th the Penguins play the Florida Panthers in Sunrise Florida.  On Sunday January 15th they play the Tampa Bay Lightning at 1PM.

Here is what PenguinPoop recommends:  Fly in Ft.Lauderdale Friday morning, check into a hotel.  Go watch the game and stay over night.  The next morning drive 2 hours to the Gulf Coast and enjoy the afternoon at the beach and stay overnight.  Sunday morning wake up and drive 2 hours to Tampa Bay for Sunday’s 1PM game and Fly back to the ‘burgh Sunday night.  

Florida Tickets:  $20.00 a piece and up

Tampa bay tickets:    $35.00 a piece and up.

Round trip flight from Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday then from Tampa Bay to Pittsburgh Sunday night $245 a person and up (on November 23rd) www.travelocity.com 

If your doing the Florida road trip or going on any other beach vacation this winter, Pittsburgh Penguins Swim Suits & Towels are a must.   

Pittsburgh Penguins Women’s Team Bikini  $44.99
Men’s Pittsburgh Penguins Swim Trunks $29.99
NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Fiber Reactive Beach Towel  $15.58

This is a perennial favorite of every Pittsburgh Penguin fan. You can’t go wrong with a Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey. Unless you pick the wrong size, or if you pick a player that now plays for the Flyers, or if they already have that jersey or if…..

We recommend picking a player that has been around for a while and is signed for a few more years…  Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Letang, Fleury, Orpik are the favorites.

Pittsburgh Penguin Jerseys $59.00 and up


NHL – Pittsburgh Penguins Neon Light Sign $62.99Perfect gift for the man cave.

You support the team all year, isn’t it time they support you?  Yeah, we went there.  Pittsburgh Penguins underwear.

NHL Men’s Pittsburgh Penguins Supreme Boxers $15.95
Pittsburgh Penguins Ladies Black Maverick Thong Underwear $9.95
NHL Men’s Pittsburgh Penguins Legend Flannel Boxers $14.95

 Let’s say you have Philadelphia Flyers fans for friends.  Obviously you no longer wish to have them as friends.  Adding a door mat and door knocker to the front of your abode wards off Flyer fans as they are unable to step on the mat or use the knocker. I also recommend heavy use of garlic and to never ever invite a Flyer fan into your residence because once you do they will never leave.. 

NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Medallion Door Mat $25.12
Pittsburgh Penguins Door Knocker $48.49

Does anyone really know what size baby’s come in.  I would guess small.  Even if you knew the size, the baby will be a whole new size tomorrow.  Here’s two perfect baby gifts that you don’t need to know sizes for.  The rubber duckies come in a 3 pack so you can keep a couple yourself.

NHL Pittsburgh Penguins 36-Inch-by-46-Inch Woven Jacquard Baby Throw $18.62
NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Rubber Duckie with Squeak Noise Effect (Pack of 3)  $9.99

Pittsburgh Penguins ProToast NHL Toaster For the Penguin fan who has everything. Actually if they have everything, then they have this and they should probably be getting you something. $34.99While your having breakfast, why not grab a box of Fleury Flakes:

This is a Penguins gift we call the “Step Back in Time”  this is for the Penguin fan that wants to hear Mike Lange announce a TV game again.  Of course your going to have to do the leg work as you cannot by gift certificates online to this place.  Excuses Bar and Grill on the Southside, has what Southside Shultzie a writer here at Penguinpoop calls a time machine that synchs Mike Lange’s radio broadcast to their giant screen TV.  While your there, grab a Lange’s Gang T-shirt.  With any luck you will run into the Penguin Players singing karaoke there as they have on a few occasions:  Picture of the Penguins Singing Karaoke at Excuses

Seriously, who doesn’t like bobbleheads?  The Penguins used to have tons of bobblehead nights when attendance was low, now you almost never see them given away. 

Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins Rink Base Bobblehead $19.99
Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins Rink Base Bobblehead $19.99
Marc-Andre Fleury Pittsburgh Penguins Rink Base Bobblehead $23.95

Automobile window decal. The perfect stocking stuffer. Show the world, or at least wherever you drive that you are a Penguin fan! Pittsburgh Penguins 8×8 White Die-Cut Decal $7.99 

Have you ever wanted to get up close with an actual Penguin? Well now you can with the newly redesigned Penguin Connection. Guests will have an opportunity to mingle with one of the most recognizable Penguins. See what they eat for every meal and take unforgettable photos of your experience.  Meet the Penguins  $30.00 + admission. 

 Tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins game at the Consol Arena.  This is the gift.  This is what the love of the Pittsburgh Penguins is all about, the actual hockey. 

You can buy tickets directly from season ticket holders at Ticket Exchange:  $70.00 and up

A trip to see the Penguins is nothing without a trip to Primanti Bros.  Primanti’s was just voted “Manliest Restaurant”,  You can purchase gift certificates here:  http://www.primantibros.com/shop/   Make sure to wash your sandwich down with some of their #1 best seller!

You’ve got a diehard hockey fan on your hands and/or you live out of town. You have two great options. Call your TV programming provider and order NHL Center Ice (prices are different everywhere) where you can watch not just the Penguin games, but almost every game live, you can order NHL GameCenter Live. For around $169.00 you can watch all season long up to four games on your computer at the same time, home or away broadcasts. Perfect for fantasy hockey players.

 Very similar to the Aztec Calendar, this handy calendar can tell you the date for an entire year without the use of batteries or electricity.   Oddly enough, this calendar also ends in December 2012.  Coincidence???  

Pittsburgh Penguins 2012 Wall Calendar  $14.59

 If you got your grill game on from last years gift list, it’s now time to kick it up a notch..

Pittsburgh Penguins Grill Cover $27.00

A Stanley Cup and Stanley Cup Banner are a must for any Penguin fan.  The 8 inch beautifully crafted Stanley Cup goes well anywhere, especially on a desk at work.  The 3 foot tall replica banner is works great indoors or out. 

Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup
Arena Banner Flag

The Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 & 1992 Stanley Cup replica trophies are also available:

Hunter Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 Stanley Cup Champions Mini Stanley Cup Trophy $42.99
Hunter Pittsburgh Penguins 1992 Stanley Cup Champions Mini Stanley Cup Trophy $42.99

Buffalo Road Trip. This is an easy road trip, 3 1/2  hour drive from Pittsburgh  to Buffalo’s First Niagra Center Game time is 12:30PM Sunday February 19th. 

Pittsburgh at Buffalo tickets:  $72.00 and up
After the game a trip to the Anchor Bar the home of the original Buffalo Wing is a must.

PenguinPoop Candy Dispenser My sister has one on her desk at work, PenguinPoop writer Southside Shulzie has one. It’s a Penguin Pooping candy dispenser, how could this not make our top 25 for the second year in a row.  Plus it’s only $5.75. Everyone needs one.

 *We here at PenguinPoop are not responsible for the happiness of the gift receiver, we are only recommending.
In case of fire do not use elevators. Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs
may increase the risk of food borne related illness. We are only watching the game, controlling it. These products may contain nuts.


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