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Art Vandelay: Should There be Changes in the Penguins Future?

Here at PenguinPoop we are taking a hard look at whether or not the Pittsburgh Penguins organization needs to make any changes.  Fifth up is Art Vandelay.

Art Vandelay

Undisciplined, Outclassed, and Out Coached

This past Sunday the Pittsburgh Penguins fell to their bitter rival the Philadelphia Flyers 4 games to two. Going in to the series I predicted the Penguins would win in 6 because they would be more disciplined. I was wrong it was the Pittsburgh Penguins that were outclassed by the Flyers. There were 3 Pittsburgh Penguins that were suspended for actions during game 3. Their actions could have been prevented if they simply would keep their cool and played hockey. In game 6 the Penguins were out coached. The Flyers game plan was simply if Bryzgalov is not going to stop the puck for us, the team will. The Flyers blocked 40 shots in game 6 and 116 in 6 games. Hate to say it “Outstanding”.  The Penguins had a great game plan throw as many shots at the net. The law of averages says the more shots more goals. The Penguins were out coached. Disco Dan and staff should have realized the Flyers were doing an outstanding job protecting Bryzgalov, and their net. The Penguins should have done something else to try to get shots on net. Bryzgalov finished the game facing 30 shots. I do not know about you, but I can only recall maybe three shots on net and Geno scored on one of them.

With the CBA expiring, the NHL and the Pittsburgh Penguins will have their challenges this offseason. With a possible lockout looming and uncertainty around the salary cap General Manager wants to extend Sidney Crosby’s contract as well as hopefully give an extension to Jordan Staal. Jordan Staal is represented by Bobby Orr’s management group. I would think we would know what direction the Pens are going with Staal by as early as the NHL Amateur Draft this June, and by the latest by the start of training camp.  After Ray figures out an extension with Sid, and what direction they are going with Staal (which I think the Penguins need to keep the big three together for as long as possible), this Penguin Poop writer feels that the Penguins Organization must address their defensive shortcomings, a backup goaltender, as well as possibly Disco Dan adjusting “His System that he likes the players playing”.

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  1. True's Gravatar True
    May 1, 2012 at 10:46 am | Permalink

    The title of the article says it all. Bylsma’s “system” is built for the regualar season only and now has 3 play-off exits to back that up. He was clearly unable/unwilling to make adjustments or tidy up the discipline, guys taking stupid penalties. Made me feel he may have lost the group – Undisciplined. All the chippiness and chatter and fights, and Malkin getting shut down by a 19yr old – Outclassed. Game one, Laviolette rolled out all 4 of his lines in OT and Dan chose to double shift – the guys were tired, couldn’t get to the puck – Outcoached – he should have called a time out when they tied it up at 3. Did he? Can’t really remember. Parts of me want the big changes, others just some tweaking. Just not sure really how to feel at this point besides incredibly dissappointed.

    • rgd32162's Gravatar rgd32162
      May 1, 2012 at 6:32 pm | Permalink

      Absolutely, I’ve been taking alot of flack on Pens pages for bashing Dan and his staff but he was obviously outcoached by Laviolette. the Pen’s defensive woes began during the last month of the season when giving up 5 goals win or lose became the norm and nothing was done to correct this. I’m not necessarily saying to fire Dan but he and his assistants need to answer for the disasterous playoff performance. losing to the Flyers isn’t the issue, getting totally outplayed ans embarassed by them is. Shero also needs to take heat for this, ever since the 2009 cup he has made the Pens smaller, softer and alot less gritty


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