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Penguins Update: Flyers A Lot Like Smokin’ Joe

The recently departed Joe Frazier was one of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all-time. Known as Smokin’ Joe for his relentless attacking style, Philadelphia’s favorite adopted son was a fighter of limited skills but enormous heart. Blessed with a granite chin, the squat and powerful Frazier would absorb an opponent’s best punches without so much as blinking in order to deliver his slaughterhouse left hook. More often than not his unfortunate foe wound up on the canvas, separated from his senses.

It occurred to me that the Flyers are an awful lot like Smokin’ Joe. They aren’t nearly as pretty as the Pens (no current Art Ross Trophy winners). But, man, are they mentally tough. Hit ‘em with your best shot—like the Pens did when they raced to a 3-0 lead in Game 1—and the Flyers shrug it off and keep on comin.’ Like Frazier, they possess the collective heart of a lion.

The Penguins have to be concerned.

“Obviously, we’re not playing the way we need to play for long enough,” forward Craig Adams said. “We need to keep playing in their end. We can’t sit back. We’re not trying to sit back. We need to keep the pressure on them and keep generating chances and try to score more goals. We have to stay on the fore check and put pucks in their end. We didn’t do that enough.”

As for my boxing analogy, it took two of the best—Muhammad Ali and George Foreman—to beat Frazier. Foreman did it with sledgehammer punching. Ali accomplished the feat through ring generalship, guile, and sheer guts.

“Closest thing to dying that I know of,” an exhausted Ali proclaimed following his epic win over Frazier in the “Thrilla in Manila.”

It’s going to require a similar dose of courage, commitment, and heart for the Penguins to beat these Flyers. Easy won’t cut it. Neither will an occasional 20 minutes of excellent hockey. On the contrary, they have to be willing to slug it out with a difficult foe for a full 15 rounds and absorb punishment along the way. Then and only then will they be worthy of pursuing hockey’s ultimate crown.

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