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The Penguins Murray takes the bite out of the Sharks

He’s back. Matt Murray in his return to the ice, robbed the San Jose Sharks, 5 – 2, lifting the Pittsburgh Penguins into sole possession of 2nd place in the Metropolitan Division; at least temporarily.

It is hard to imagine a goalie stealing a game in a 5 – 2 win but that is exactly what happened last night. Even though Bryan Rust opened up the scoring. The Sharks outshot the Penguins 36 – 21 in the first 2 periods, staking themselves to a 2 – 1 lead, courtesy of 2 power play goals. It could have been far worse. Despite some people rapping Murray’s glove hand that glove hand lashed out, lightning quick and robbed Brenden Dillon on a screen shot from the point in the first period. It was hard to imagine how Murray saw the shot through that screen. That shot was taken less than 2 minutes into the game.

Murray’s glove also robbed Joakim Ryan from a center point shot, a little later in the first period. Murray flashed the leather at least one more time while the game was still in doubt and the score tied 2 – 2, about 5 minutes into the 3rd period, stoning Kevin Leblanc on a 3 on 2 break.

Not only did Murray’s glove hand save the day, but also his reactions and leg pads came up big a multitude of deflected shots. Shark forwards were constantly in front of Murray, often alone, behind the Penguins’ defense. Murray stood tall for 2 periods, until Penguin shooters got themselves rolling.

The Penguins did open up the scoring for the evening before taking several penalties that gave San Jose the initiative and a land slide of shots. The first goal came during 4 on 4 play with Sidney Crosby and Melker Karlsson in the penalty box with coincidental minors. San Jose tried to break out of their own zone, but Ian Cole stood Chris Tierney up at the left point, stripping him of the puck and keeping the play on side. Bryan Rust collected the puck just inside the blue line but circled it out. Skating to the right he passed back across himself to the left and Riley Sheahan. Sheahan brought the puck back into the zone and down the left wing before slipping it back to Rust who was now breaking down the right wing. With his speed, Rust beat the Sharks “D” to cut across the front of the crease. As soon as Martin Jones opened up to follow Rust across the crease, Rust slipped a backhand shot through the now open 5-hole.

Unfortunately, the lead was short live and the Penguins found themselves, thanks to penalties to Justin Schultz and Kris Letang. If it hadn’t been for a rare gift from Brent Jones, our locals would have gone into the locker room down 2 – 1 going into the 3rd period. Fortunately for our flightless fowl, Burns didn’t skate the last couple seconds of the 2nd period off of the clock. Instead after picking up the puck in the corner to the right of his goalie he skated the puck toward the back of the net but tried to reverse the puck right to where Phil Kessel could pounce on it. Kessel wasted little time finding Evgeni Malkin cutting down the slot. Malkin ripped a one-time shot passed Jones and the Penguins evened the game up, despite being out played for most of the game.

San Jose continued their self-destructive ways in the third period. Jones became his own worst enemy going behind his net to play the puck, only to cough it up to Patric Hornqvist. Hornqvist slid the puck cross crease to Malkin, who deposited it into an empty net, getting the game winner and his second goal of the night.

The Penguins then extended their lead near the 14 minute mark when Letang flagged down a clearing attempt with his hand. He knocked the puck to his stick and then shot the puck on net. The rebound trickled to his left, where Tom Kuhnhackl pounced on it. Kuhnhackl slipped the puck back in front of the net with a backhand pass between his legs to Bryan Rust who lifted a backhand over Jones’ pads for his 2nd goal of the game to keep pace with Malkin.

Trying to get back into the game, San Jose pulled their goalie early, with over 2 minutes to play. Crosby tried sealing the game with a near 200 foot goal that missed the net and ended in an icing. Later Crosby had a second opportunity to ice the game and net his 400th goal but in traditional team first mentality he differed and pass the puck to Rust so that Rust could complete his hat trick. Rust quickly whipped a wrist shot on goal but the shot hit the crossbar, giving San Jose a little more life.

Malkin finally put the nail into the Sharks’ coffin at 18:47, completing his own hat trick, With the Sharks trying to break out of their own zone, Crosby got the loose puck just outside the blue line. He slipped the puck to Malkin. Malkin, in turn found Rust. Rust took a couple of steps down the left wing before returning the puck to Malkin, in the slot, who finally ended the scoring.

With Columbus losing in a shootout, the Penguins moved 1 point ahead of them. The Penguins are not out of the woods yet, but the future is looking brighter despite the ugly win, thanks to stellar goaltending.

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  1. the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
    February 2, 2018 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    Looking at NHL.com, it appears that Rowney will be in uniform tonight, Centering Kunhackl and Reaves.

    Ruhwedel and Hunwick are listed as healthy scratches.

  2. Dee's Gravatar Dee
    January 31, 2018 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

    Game starts with Crosby doing his thing with a great breakout and dangle to get through the neutral zone to the offense zone with Simon .Dumo and Letang were getting assault in their own zone like always. Simon and Crosby were creating working hard on creating offense while Sheary was falling , bad on taking tape to tape passes and continue to dump and chase basically can’t win pucks battles and hurt Crosby overall game. Crosby is a north- south Players with occasional east west style of hockey. He likes breakouts, Down low cycle, winning puck battles, crisp breakouts and whatever drive him to net beyond other things. He isn’t getting that with Sheary. Only Simon like it was months ago with Guentzel then Hornqvist. Stats can say whole lot but being at a game of even watching it tells you different stories. I really believe Letang shouldn’t be on the PP and he shouldn’t be start nor D pairing for Malkin and Crosby . Shultz give Crosby and Malkin better breakouts /odd man rushes they like . His passing with Maatta is always on point. Rarely on the ice for goals unless it’s little bad mistake. He’s great defensively and offensively. I know he still bring it in O part but he does try create O for forwards.He should go against 3rd and four liners every game.Every game Letang is bad to me and constantly stuck in his zone. Sheary is bad too . I don’t get why he’s on the top line unless it’s putting his trade value up.
    On Letang Prime Example If you go back to Detroit @ Penguins Looking how Letang is continuously stuck in o zone bad passing that creates turnovers, icing, breakaways and other things . You see how Shultz and Maatta made a great crisp decision-making pass to Simon or Sprong that creates a fast great breakout to the net in the Ozone. Sullivan had Shultz unit with top line unit in previous games that they have won with Malkin and Crosby that had them dominating off the start of game. Letang is the big issue on D.
    I have never been a Letang fan/supporter. Not to be negative he has never been great even if he gets +2on games because he does more bad in games than good, some fan hate it when someone is calling him bad and some fans worry about the name on the back of the jersey instead of business point of team needing success. It great to support players like Crosby and Malkin with organization because they have never been a bad disappointment through their injuries.
    I don’t He will ever come back to supposedly what everybody who this He is great. He’s never been that ever only 2010-2011 .He was trouble last year with being in and out of line up before severe neck injury. If he gets little bit better I will still Trade him. He’s hurting than helping the team. Pens play ok in the first period, out plates in the second, Dominating slightly with Sharks sloppiness that let great goals by Rust and Malikin. Murray was great and his glove hand looked better . He look somewhat ginger after play being hunched over.
    If Sheary does comes back after injury. I would like to see him sit this games or 3rd or 4 line. It probably won’t happen because Sullivan like his ‘guys’ even when they are terrible. Sullivan biggest weakness is favoritism and not giving Crosby the better wingers he deserves like Guentzel instead of Sheary.
    Simon and Jake flanking Crosby. Maybe Rust on the second with Malkin or third line. Kessel back wit Malkin. I don’t know. I prefer Shultz D with top lines even Oleksiak.

    • the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
      February 1, 2018 at 9:26 am | Permalink

      Hey Dee,

      I am not going to argue with much of what you write. I have been writing pretty much the same stuff. I am not going to reiterate my laundry list of complaints that you summed up pretty well.

      I honestly didn’t notice Murray playing hunched over the last minute of play you and Phil are writing about, but I usually watch the games with my 9 year old. He is a big Malkin fan and was celebrating the Hat Trick. However, it doesn’t surprise me any. That is why I called it an ugly win. When a goalie has to make 40 or more saves it will always take a toll on his body.

      The only thing I will suggest different is that most stats are a very good barometer to evaluate the game. If a player is doing all that they need to do on the ice, they will at least not get to many negative stats. Using a baseball analogy (since it is the first one to come to mind) I have heard many people over the years proselytizing one prospect or another, saying that the player has a great, great swing, and that the player will be a shoe in for the big leagues. Unfortunately the prospect never makes it in the big leagues and never rises above the Mendoza line.

      Some stats do require critical thinking to evaluate to tease out the effects of other players on the ice, but they are pretty cut and dry, objective stats; the player was or wasn’t on the ice when the shot attempt was taken, or the goal was scored. The goalie either stopped the puck or he didn’t. The player either cleared his zone or enter the attacking zone or he didn’t. The player either blocked the shot or didn’t.

      The only stat that is subjective is the Gv-Tk stat; a scorer has to decide which happened rather than recording turnover and players involved.

      • Dee's Gravatar Dee
        February 1, 2018 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

        Thank you. I love you insight on it . No argument. I just thought something was wrong with him when I was at the game. I realized from rewatching yesterday evening on my DVr that Matt Murray was just tired while fighting off Rust and emotional. Overreacting on my part. One save he made it did look like like he pull something. I know I’m wrong.
        I know stats well but it’s still confusing for me sometimes because I tend to observe players a lot closely in games than being hung on stats . I have been like that for years unless I check websites here and there to compare with I have seen in games. Mostly the game summary
        I feel like for the past games ultimately since Shultzy has progress (showed he can be a top defenseman)with the Pens he has better passing, decision- making, awareness, more alert defensively, create great breakouts / odd man rushes for Crosby and Malkin than Letang .
        He rarely get stuck in his zone or let goals in unless it a little bad mistake. He’s better offensively and defensively to me . Excellent on the PP.
        Maybe it’s just me but I feel Pens will much better without Letang, Sheary and Hunwick in the line up. I feel more confident with Dumoulin and Shultzy as a top pairing.
        I see them better offensively and offensively than Letang. I think it’s better for to be them ( Sid and Geno) to have D pairing ( Shultzy- Maatta or Dumoulin-Shultzy) in games. Even Cole and Oleksiak It’s just me.
        Same thing goes with Sheary every game , I just see Crosby better off with Guentzel and Simon and I just can’t stand the fact he’s on Crosby’s line. It’s things I see on the ice all the time let me know he isn’t a winger for Crosby. Sometimes I don’t get Sully logic on line combos after Sheary has been bad with some stat that he’s bad defensively and he isn’t effective enough to be playing with Crosby’s elite game. Crosby elevates him than he does. Sorry being negativity on him . It’s just true. Games prove it. Even some stats.
        Also I’m just lost at words of how aggressive Simon is and how he knows how to take tape to tape passes while know when to give pucks to Crosby. He brings it every night. I always thought he knew he would a nhl caliber winger one day like Guentzel. I have seen confirmed beat writers interviews quoting Rutherford and Sully that they want Guentzel on top line I guess not right because of not have legit.3C
        Hey , it’s my opinions. Sorry for long paragraphs.Do you like the lines? Do you prefer Guentzel on the first line? Kessell on the second line? Sheary on the third line? Do you prefer Shultz to be D pairing for Crosby and Malkin?

        • the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
          February 1, 2018 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

          Hey Dee,

          I don’t know if you saw but Sheary is out on a week – to – week basis. Rust is getting Sheary’s spot right now on Crosby’s line with Reaves moving back into the line-up. That should be okay with Washington tomorrow night. Your taking out the smallest/weakest player on the team out and putting a big guy back in to keep Wilson in his place.

          I am not so sure about simply moving Rust up to Crosby’s line. I don’t think is a bad move, I just don’t think it may be the best move. Like you, I can’t help wonder what Guentzel would look like taking that RW role. He did play well there last year playing on both of Crosby’s wings. However, If Sheary is to be out for a protracted period of time, I think Sprong or Aston-Reese should get promoted.

          Looking at the Pens Schedule over the next couple of weeks, they are playing some physical teams so Reaves could be a good fit for now, but I think most people know my first thought would be to bring Sprong back up. I do prefer the speed game he brings and the CORSI effect he has on the whole team.

          • Dee's Gravatar Dee
            February 1, 2018 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

            Exactly. I agree. I sense that Sullivan puts Sheary there not for winning games nor what Crosby needs and wants on his line because it’s ‘his guy’ means to me his picks Sheary over Guentzel . I don’t think Crosby likes him there and I have read Crosby wants him there and so does Rutherford. I feel after Sheary had a terrible game ( really all season)against Anaheim then he promoted back to Crosby ‘s line .I really get baffled at his logic on this with Sheary who isn’t/hasn’t contribute enough( all way back to Playoffs especially two years/ he was fine when he first started then after that no) in games especially how he hampers Crosby’s line like he did early this season. Sully told a based Penguins reporter today that Sheary can’t be replaced and he help win games. I don’t see that. Sheary can be replaced and he can’t part of a deal for 3C. Am I high or something?
            I’m starting to be what other unhappy frustrated fans feel on Sheary that he flanks Crosbys line because Sullivan because he dates his niece and it’s his guy from WBS . Sullivan’s big weakness he has always been favoritism with some players who don’t do well. It’s beyond baffling for me. Head scratcher. Rust is not back he did well with Crosby before Sullivan kept moving him And injuries. Rust is a great player who can flank Crosby or Malkin . I would rather see Jake and Simon together with Crosby for long term definitely both of them. They fit Crosby perfectly to me. Simon is great to me . Not compare him but he reminds of Duper and Kunitz as well because he know how to bring it every night in what Crosby needs nightly. Only thing needs to do like Guentzel is try to get Crosby in position to shoot the puck more . I would Occasionally rotate with Rust , Tom K , Kessel and Hq on Crosby’s line if needed.
            I’m completely lost because Jake, Rust and Crosby were fine in beginning of the season before struggles came among them because of constant line changes, both Crosby then Guentzel on Pk and he took Guentzel despite how well they are together then replace him with Sheary on Crosby’s line where he was a big part of his slump because Sheary wasn’t contributing, lost, turnovers, never finishes, get beat up and bad skater among sonmany other things. It’s disheartening for me.
            Top line should be lethal. Look at Mallkin’s line. Unbelievable.
            If it was me I would put Jake and Simon (definitely) was or Jake and Sprong together with Crosby permanently then Rust and Kessel with Sheahan for now til 3C comes slip Kessell back with Malkin ( they belong together while Rust and Hornqvist Can flank new 3C. Eventually get a goal scorer for 3C with Hornqvist .
            Idk . I get the vibe that Sullivan doesn’t like Sprong. His explanations are Bs after Anaheim game about how he want guys that wants to win. Sprong wasn’t that bad to me. He will have some trouble bringing consistency/ confidence because he is learn how to play professional league than playing America Hockey League. He supposed play it out and coaches supposed to sit him down with honesty to help him find consistency and what they want in his game Sprong got the end of the stick. Same goes for Hunwick who needs to go instead of Cole. Cole can still get a 2 mil maybe 2 year deal. It’s to many excuse for Sprong saying he’s bad defensively and his attitude. I don’t see that. Sheary is a defensive liability / bad offensively than him but he still play every night. It a stat that proves especially on the ice. Sheary looks good because of Crosby and his deal is waste to me. Money should have been for 3C. Would you still Trade Sheary when he come back?
            Reaves I’m fine with because he try to protect Stars cleanly and he do try to create in the O zone. Sullivan is not using him right. Yes . It will be nights he might not play but I don’t He was the problem on the 4th line . Sullivan needs to use him right like on the PP for net front and help be a part of the team more. He might not have great skills but if you can do reclamation projects on Defensemen than you do it with him. He isn’t a goon. He wants to be better and help win game. I think 11 -15 minutes a night won’t hurt depends on penalties. IMO.

            • Dee's Gravatar Dee
              February 1, 2018 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

              Sorry. I’m really happy he isn’t playing right now . Crosby can rest of cleaning up his messing like he does with Letang.

            • the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
              February 2, 2018 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

              Hey Dee,

              I wouldn’t argue over your line combos. I would give them at least half of the chances he has given to Sheary. (And again if there are Sheary fans out there, please don’t miss understand, I like the guy, but I like the team more and he is definitely not putting the team in the best possible position to win).

              My thoughts on line combinations tend to be fluid. I think everyone knows by now I still think a 3rd line C is required. I like Sheahan but as a 4th liner. I would think that if the Pens could get Pageau, even though he is a smaller player, he could do much better on the 3rd line than Sheahan and may be able to be had a reasonable price.

              My R Wings for the top 3 lines right now rotate around Kessel, Hornqvist, Sprong, Rust, and Saton-Reese, (Possibly Guentzel as you suggest on Crosby’s RW). On L Wing I would rotate Simon, Guentzel, Rust, Hagelin, Aston-Reese (Although a RW he has been playing LW for WBS).

              I like Kuhnhackl and think he has done well with a faster C and RW with him 4th line. I also think he should get a little PP time in front of the net to spell Hornqvist. But I think he is the anchor of the 4th line. Rowney is best on the 4th line as well.

              If as you suggest, Sullivan can’t play nice with Cole or Sprong and he is irreconcilably bent on keeping them out of the line up, that is fine. It is his team. I just wish he would stop trying to pretend that Hunwick and Sheary are equal or better substitutes.

              If Sullie doesn’t want Cole and Sprong on his team, then JR should trade them but get good value for them and Sprong will fetch a great amount in return. He is going to be a star if/when he is given a real chance.

              I would also suggest that Pedan should really be considered instead of Hunwick and Pedan is already here. More importantly, with the play-offs around the corner and some heavier teams coming in, I really would consider seeing what Pedan can do at the NHL level now.

          • Dee's Gravatar Dee
            February 2, 2018 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

            Hey the Other Rick,
            I couldn’t agree more with you , you get it and hit on all cylinders. I like Pedan and I would love to see him play some games. Reese as well.
            Yes. Rowney and Kunhnackl has been great and they continue to get better.
            I understand Sully is the coach but he has put Crosby and team in a bad spot this year along with Reechi. Sully has personal bias with players . I know Crosby prefer Guentzel to be on his line and he’s very unselfish to go along with Sully’s demands of playing with Sheary. Always unselfish and that’s who he is everyday of the week.
            Cole is a great player to me and yes Hunwick is bad. If Hunwick can get flip maybe Cole can get a cheap deal to stay if not i guess Trade in which I hate. It’s very much pretend with Letang as well. Letang was bad last season being in and out the line up before his big major injury.
            I think 18 mins a night going against 3rd and four liners is better for him til they trade him. Let Shultzy take on little bigger role slowly again with minutes break down among with D core. Like Maatta with 19 mins and Dumoulin with 19 minutes then once Oleksiak get to where they want him I would give him 18 minutes.
            I would love for someone to give a gentle reminder on the side to tell him about himself.
            This team do miss veterans like Kunitz who could’ve been sign and Rick Tocchet because I know he would have told Sully create better line combos and hold players more accountable.
            No negativity. I love this team(know some players personally family) but from business perspective Penguins can win without Letang, Hunwick and Sheary.
            Sorry to people who argue about Sheary having a lot of points last year and Letang being good in one season ( 2010-2011 with sparks of great in 2015-2016 where he almost cost the 2016 playoffs with Caps and Tampa.
            They are replaceable players and Penguins won’t die without them.
            Everything should start with Guentzel-Crosby and Malkin-Kessel with everyone in rotation like you said. Kessel and Guentzel shouldn’t be on third line while Crosby and Guentzel are killing penalties every game. They have been great but I don’t like it , it overtaxing Crosby and to much minutes for him. 3C is needed. A.S.A.P.
            I love your honest opinions and awareness of the Penguins problems and the solutions to win games to have Crosby, Kessel and Malkin going every night because they can be still be successful together for the next 5-6 years before retirement. Crosby deserves better.
            I know he loves helping and teaching plus having unselfishness but he is more deserving of players on his line who can keep up with him offensively and defensively without him always telling players what to do every game. Least but not least I’m afraid Sully is hindering Crosby to have a player like Guentzel on his line that Can be great with him for the next 5 year and I have no problem with Simon he has my approval with Crosby. He has proven his worth and I hope keep it up with sometimes giving Crosby opportunities to fire the puck in the net like Malkin.

            • the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
              February 2, 2018 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

              Agreed Dee,

              Crosby does deserve some help. I really do think that he was playing at his best this season when he had Sprong and Simon flanking him. Look at how his production has dipped a little since Sprong was sent down and Sheary put back on his wing. He probably would have already had his 400th.

              And like you I think the Pens as a team need to look at moving beyond the illusion that Letang is a Norris Trophy candidate and start looking at him realistically. But I am near the point of giving up hope on that one.

              As coach, I do believe Sullivan has the right to make some decisions based on personal favorites, but I also believe that he needs reminded that if he chooses a personal favorite over another player, that he the coach bears the responsibility if the team fails, particularly in the cases of Hunwick and Sheary where the statistcis really do not objectively support there ice time.

              With Guentzel, I am not as committed at seeing him moved off of Kessel’s line as you. Personally, I would like to see him on Malkin’s LW or Crosby’s RW, but if the Penguins could land a more legitimate 3rd line Center, I would be okay with him on a third line with Kessel. That way the team could have that 3-headed hydra. But I hate to see both he and Kessel being ground to a halt in their offense by a limited offensive C like they are suffering under.

              I don’t know if you have been following Bellerive down in the WHL but he is showing signs of being a good fit there. Unfortunately, since he is in the Jrs the team can’t bring him up and plug him in there. I also am not sure if that would be a good idea just yet anyway.. Maybe next year, during training camp, give him some time in preseason games with Guentzel and Kessel, late in the preseason, when teams are playing something closer to their NHL line-ups to gauge his progress. In the mean time, they do need to find someone that help make that 3rd line work.

              I do appreciate your comments too, even if I didn’t agree so much with you. You just don’t reply in sound bites but in full detail and show your whole thought process. Your comments make this page well worth reading.

            • Dee's Gravatar Dee
              February 3, 2018 at 9:30 am | Permalink

              Hi Other Rick,

              Thank you. I agree with you.
              Yes. Sullivan can do whatever he wants but he happens to be reasonable ( most stats even they a player on the ice tell you to demote) and he isn’t like you said. You can have favorites but you happen to hold favorites accountable and when you have elite player like Crosby you supposed to give him leverage with wingers like how he wants it . He earned that . You can’t give Malkin that and not Crosby.
              He has been frustrated / over working himself all this season until Sprong and Simon came up.
              He was more happy with Guentzel than Sheary all season when they play together they even developed a bond.
              Yes. they both( Guentzel and Crosby) had slumps but they could be work through because they were fine with Rust beginning of the season.
              I think we happen to wait and see but I think Guentzel will be back up ( left or right ) once 3 C comes when it’s all said and done.

              If Sullivan want to spread scoring I get it but in my eyes Guentzel and Kessel are first line wingers to me . I would prefer Guentzel with Crosby as Left wing because they play the same game and Malkin doesn’t play the same game as Guentzel. I don’t see chemistry nor consistency with Guentzel on Malkin line that long for them.
              Malkin like wingers to make a lot of space for him. He needs someone defensively
              like Hags or Rust because he does play 200 ft game but sometimes he gets in a mindset of not committing to D while Hagelin or Rust can do that (clean up for him)and let him shoot plus do whatever he like with Kessel.
              Malkin is east – west guy and Crosby is north-south Guy. Guentzel plays that way like Crosby.
              Simon can be right wing for Crosby . I have seen glimpses of them with Crosby it’s wasnt bad. I like Simon to stay Crosby like I do with Guentzel. He’s great I want him to stay healthy with Crosby.

              Hornqvist wouldn’t be bad third liner with Rust .
              I like Sprong but I do think if he get another opportunity I would like him on the third line instead of first line to build his way into the first line spot with Jake and Crosby. Maybe. Something tells me they may trade him or give him Pouliot treatment.
              Letang . I just don’t know anymore and the organization are little blind with him like with Hunwick possibly Sheary as well. We’ll see if Rutherford do something like he was tryna do it almost two most ago with him.
              Yes. Jordan is great. I would hoping to see him as well. He would be great for the Pens.
              I’m happy Penguins are going in the right direction. I can kind see new 3C mesh well with Kessel but it’s nothing like Kessel and Malkin. Lethal.
              if Kessel go to Third Line then Malkin is stuck in a position without a shooter and finisher . Hornqvist is great so is Hagelin but they not consistent goal scorer every night. They are time and space guys. Heavy on the forechecks. Idk . We’ll see how it goes. I would like to see Hunwick flip, Sheary and Letang traded. I hope Sullivan doesn’t interfere with his trade. Great trade for 3C.
              I love Hornqvist (top line winger to me)but I see him as third line grit guy who can still be on first PP with 20-30 goals for the Pens with new 3C.

              Who you rooting for in the Super Bowl?
              Patriots or Eagles?

            • The Other Rick's Gravatar The Other Rick
              February 3, 2018 at 11:33 am | Permalink

              Can both the Eagles and the Patriots lose?

              I guess not.

              I can’t believe I am saying this but it would seem to me that the Eagles are the lesser of two evils. Brady and Belicheck are strait out of the nether region.

  3. Pen's4ever's Gravatar Pen's4ever
    January 31, 2018 at 7:48 pm | Permalink

    I know this has nothing to do with this game but…. I am coming to Pitt on Friday, two of my boy’s and myself received tickets for the game vs. Washington for Christmas. I was wondering where a good place to eat and buy some Pen’s gear would be we are staying in Greentree.
    As for the game, I hope we an keep it up, except for more shots and better d in front of our goalies!!

    • the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
      January 31, 2018 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

      Hey Pen’s4ever,

      What time are you getting into Pgh?
      I think I might go down to the strip district a little early and look around down there for Pens gear and food then go up to the game. If I got into town early enough.

      Maybe I just don’t down to the Strip that much anymore.

      • Pen's4ever's Gravatar Pen's4ever
        February 1, 2018 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

        Well it will be about 5 plus hour drive from Delhi, Canada so hopefully just after noon/ 1 oclock/,
        My wife wants to go to Olive Garden in Greentree.

        But we will see, thanks

        • the Other Rick's Gravatar the Other Rick
          February 2, 2018 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

          Sorry, I just saw this now. According to your comment, you are just now getting into Pgh.

          If you do see this, Olive Garden’s are always pretty good but if you get the chance I still would try and take Phil’s suggestion going to Primantis in the Strip District while you shop for Pens Gear. The one in the Strip is the original. Back in the 80s, I worked the 3rd shift in Downtown Pgh. Wednesday night we would always go to lunch there. They used to have this big old Jethro looking character working there. He would just stare at you. If you didn’t know that meant place your order, he would look at the next one in line and you would hav eto go to the back of the line and start over. I don’t know what other night he worked but Wed nights he was there.

          More importantly, if you want a taste of Pgh that would be the place.

          Enjoy your visit and help the Pens win tonight

    • February 1, 2018 at 10:08 am | Permalink

      Hey Pen’s4ever,

      To add to what tOR is saying. The strip is probably the only place you will find lower priced Pens stuff. Just be careful, many of the places sell knockoffs. There is a Primanti’s Bros. in the strip. That is Pittsburgh food. The cap, egg and cheese is the best!

      In Green Tree there is a pizza place called Vincent’s that has some of the best Pizza in Pittsburgh and their fried mushroom appetizer is worth the trip alone.

      Down by PPG you need to get there early, especially on a Friday. Buford’s & Pizza Miliano’s & Cafe Fifth (the red light) are probably the best. I don’t know how old your kids are but those places get very crowded the hour leading up to game time. Sometime’s uncomfortably so.

      The Red Ring is a block a way and maybe a bit better to take kids to. If you get there early enough to secure a table (5:30-6pm) that is. Whatever you do, do not fall for the way over priced buffet at the Marriott City Center.

      There is also good food believe it or not in PPG itself. I would recommend the Smokehouse & Burgatory on the 200 level. The pulled pork nachos at the smokehouse are incredible. If you eat there, make sure to go away from the ice to the back wall and you will be greeted with a great view of Pittsburgh while overlooking the Mario Lemieux Statue. It is always one of the least crowded places in PPG (don’t tell anyone).

      Cafe Fifth (the red light) is a great place to stop after the game. They have a limited appetizer sort of menu and it is a great for waiting out the crowds.

      • Pen's4ever's Gravatar Pen's4ever
        February 1, 2018 at 10:17 pm | Permalink

        Thanks for tips Phil, can’t wait!!! I may only get to a Pen’s game once a year if I am lucky.
        It will be my 10 year olds 1st NHL game

  4. January 31, 2018 at 5:18 pm | Permalink

    To paraphrase Dominic Lerace, we watched different games together.

    I hope he didn’t, but it looked like Murray pulled something on the last kick save he made. He played completely hunched over in net the last minute or so, and when he went to test it he uncharacteristically didn’t really skate, just glided. Hopefully I am imagining things.

    • Dee's Gravatar Dee
      February 1, 2018 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

      Right . That what I noticed at the game. It had me scared for second although he stop about 40 shots. Maybe . I’m Wrong. I hope he can stay healthy but if I was Sully I would divide the last games between him and Jarry to keep him fresh for the playoffs because once they can fit in the right 3C, keep lines together , add one strong D-man and tight D without Hunwick(Letang) they will be more of a threat with Big 5 ..No one can play against them. I don’t see Caps, Tampa,Jackets And Vegas going that far in the playoffs.Most team anyway. IMO.

      • February 1, 2018 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

        Hey Dee,

        They sent Jarry back down to WBS and kept Casey DeSmith. Hopefully like tOR said, he was just tired after not playing for a while and facing a bunch of shots. Tomorrow night will be a good test for Murray and should be a fun game to watch.

        • Dee's Gravatar Dee
          February 1, 2018 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

          Yes. I hope so. I pray that he has a game great tomorrow with team. He needs to build confidence after what he has been through lately for a young bright kid.


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