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Crosby Returns, Penguins Beat Rangers for 10th Win in a Row

Crosby & Kennedy I would love to be telling you right now that Sidney Crosby is back to his old self and dominated the game.  I would love to be telling you that Evgeni Malkin dominated the game and took a commanding lead in the point scoring race. I would hate to be one of those 300 reporters that wedged themselves into the visitors locker room at Madison Sq [...]

Penguins Matt Cooke is the Perfect Winger for Sidney Crosby

Cooke & Crosby Over the years the Penguins, a team known for their great locker room chemistry, have gotten by without great line chemistry on the ice. Sidney Crosby, not unlike Mario Lemieux in his heyday, has seen players come and go on his line. Sometimes players don’t last 60 minutes as his winger. Evgeni Malkin on the other hand has found the per [...]

Penguins Neal & Niskanen Shoot First Ask Questions Later Attitude

Neal & Niskanen There is one thing that will make a player a fan favorite in Pittsburgh and that is shooting the puck. Penguins fans have stood in the stands and screamed “shoot the puck” for ages, even during warm-ups.  James Neal & Matt Niskanen just one year away from being traded from the Dallas Stars are leading the Pittsburgh Penguins i [...]

Paul Martin signed into a lose, lose situation with Penguins fans

pmartin There is a certain type of Pittsburgh Penguins fan that a few of us on PenguinPoop that have followed the Pens since the ’70’s discuss all the time.  You probably are more familiar with the Steelers version of the fan, the ones that always think the backup QB is the one that should be playing. When Paul Martin, a shut down defense [...]

More Pictures of the Demolition of the Civic Arena

carena1 A big thanks to Champ Kind, our inside guy, for snapping these pictures of the demolition of the Civic Arena today.     (more…)

Wheeling Nailers Turmoil Has Johnstown Searching for a New Team

pp0196 The sale of the Wheeling Nailers has Johnstown wondering if the War Memorial will have a tenant next year.   JLPens, from our PenguinPoop Johnstown office has filed this report: It’s that time of the year again for revolving door Minor League Franchises.  Have a couple of updates for you.  First the Wheeling Nailers are now up for sale, [...]

Hockeyday in America? How About Hockeyday in Poland for Hardcore Penguins Fans.

Poland Pl Logo While Penguins fans from all over America today are wearing their Jerseys to show support of hockey today.  Here are some hardcore Pittsburgh Penguins fans from Poland who support them in a country where most don’t even have a clue they exist.  Mateusz Ostrowski from Penguins.pl files this report: The collapse of communist regime and th [...]

How Does Penguins Sidney Crosby Fit in Amid Malkamania?

Malkin & Crosby Let’s face it. Barring injury, these are Evgeni Malkin’s Penguins.  Sidney Crosby’s eventual return to the Penguins will leave Dan Bylsma with some big decisions.  It was originally thought that James Neal was brought in to be the much needed big winger for Crosby, but as it worked out Neal, Malkin & Chris Kunitz are put [...]

Alexander Ovechkin Stole James Neal’s All-Star Spot

Ovechkin Funny Hat The number one goal scoring left winger in the NHL, James Neal  is currently without a spot on the NHL All-Star Game roster and barring injury to a player currently on the roster he’ll be sitting at home watching the game on TV. The NHL invites 24 total players who play offense onto their All-Star squad. Three of which are voted in by t [...]

Sidney Crosby Needs to Re-Think Hockey

Sidney Crosby If your the best hockey player on the planet the whole idea of re-imagining your game probably sounds like a poor idea at best.  If you are the best player on the planet who has been injured and only able to play a handful of games over the course of a year then maybe it’s time to re-invent yourself. Three games back from his 10 1/2 mo [...]


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