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Olympic hockey isn’t better… just ask NBC

much better hockey As the games go on so do the lemmings who think this Olympic hockey is the best there is… it isn’t.        For those that can’t remember when the NHL took their momentum break from playing 4 games a week… there were six teams (Flyers, Boston, Montreal, Tampa Bay, NY Rangers, and Atlanta) battling for three playoff spot [...]

Overrated Olympics could cost the Pens another shot

Me like Russian TANK! Are you looking forward to seeing Konstantin Koltsov and how well he does?  Me either.  Can you really Me like Russian TANK! and truly name two players on TEAM Latvia?  I didn’t think you could. You see IMHO this is a mostly overblown event and many of the hockey lemmings jump on the Olympic bandwagon without ……       (more [...]

Rossi talks hockey… Cook should write for soap operas.

I'm thinking maybe two units The report by Rob Rossi in the TRIBUNE-REVIEW  Rossi: Coaches not to blame for power play is a revealing one. Rossi says, “I’ve watched too many practices to blame Yeo for this sickening power play. I’ve seen him work too many long days to hold anything but admiration for his commitment to fixing the power play’s probl [...]

Penguins PP… Who turned the lights out?

00ppfront Any hockey fan with half of a brain knows that the solution to the Pens situation hinges on fixing the PP success rate.  It can’t get any worse than 30th. Goaltending and the attention the PK gets from most teams when combined with the Pens playing the same-old PP with only minor modifications makes it one of the easiest to defend in th [...]

EASTERN REP – Penguins, Flyers, Capitals, Bruins

pens flyers Most of the web site scriptures and hockey mags have selected the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals finishing ahead of our Penguins. I may be looking at this all wrong but I think it’s going to be a battle between the Pens and the Flyers. Here’s the reasoning… The Flyers (bless their soul) are in another one of the goal [...]

Penguin Lull… NHL… KHL… Balsillie & Expansion

Hamliton Blackberries? Being that there is a lull right now before training camps begin and looking into the situation with the KHL with Radulov, Hudler and others, plus the Balsillie situation with Phoenix/Hamilton… Hamliton Blackberries?     I suggest the following things be on the list of things to seriously talk about at the next meeting of the minds. (An [...]

Penguin… Prospect Conditioning Camp Notes

00ppfront Notes from observing a few prospect conditioning camp ‘workouts’ at Southpointe Iceoplex.  What some don’t realize is that the objective of these ‘workouts’ beside building some team bonding is to conduct physical tests, instructional sets, and layout a fitness and training program customized for each player in a [...]

Canada Day and Some Free Agent Frenzy Aftermath

Rupp fighting Canada Day (Fête du Canada) has nothing to do with Free Agent Frenzy except that most Canadians have the day off to watch many of these GM’s and Owners play the part of fools and yesterday was no exception. Not all of this has directly to do with the Penguins but let’s start with the list of future snafu’s in the making : (more…)

2009 Entry Draft… Penguin Prediction 1st and 2nd round

chris-kreider1 The 2009 Entry Draft is this Friday and Saturday from the Bell Centre. There are what seems to be a record number of detailed projections available.  Now what’s totally hilarious about almost all of these publications and websites offering the latest scoop is that they are almost the same. And while most of these services cost a few pennies t [...]

TOUGH DECISIONS – the STANLEY CUP Pittsburgh Penguin Offseason…

00ppfront The Parade is over and the memories will linger on forever yet the team management gets no rest. The Secondary Awards Banquet is tomorrow… the Entry Draft next week… and Free Agency about a week later so there is no time to rest for Ray Shero and his management team. What should they do?  Let’s first lay a few assumptions out there… tha [...]


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