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Hossa… a Detroit Red Wing JINX

fleury-stops-hossa Here we are off to the JLA… and really – why the heck are we so happy? Our Flightless Birdies are 0 for 3 there. Crosby is a MINUS 3 and no points in those games. Our late season additions Guerin and Kunitz combined have ZIPPO points and are a combined MINUS 4. Someone must have done something there, right… yet Gonch [...]

Letang: He’s better than Gonchar & Lidstrom… RIGHT NOW

Experienced Trophy Lifter The pre-game storyline hype for tonight are mostly about Marian Hossa scoring 2 goals in another game 4 and that Pavel Datsyuk practiced with his team yesterday. Will Datsyuk play in Game 4 or will they keep him out until Game 5? Will Hossa continue his Game 4 – 2 goal production? If Datsyuk does play will he take some of the defensive pressu [...]

DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL… Stanley Cup Predictions – (Any of that GYPSY left in you...

00ppfront Thanks all for participating in DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL ‘PP Stanley Cup Predictions’ Contest.   A congratulations to Ron Malore squeaking it out over MS FORECZECH and Penguin871 by 2 points.  Krundle finished 4th just 6 points back. What we kind-of proved here is that the so-called experts, using the same system as us, finishe [...]

Are the Penguins better than the CUP teams??? Not yet they aren’t…

guerin-mug-shot Bill Guerin, from his interview on the PENS WOOHOO Train                               (Click here: Guerin BEST TEAM ) says this year’s Pens are the best offensive team he’s played for in his entire career…  “Sid and Geno bring their talent level and they make everybody else better. They make everybody else’s tal [...]

DR Hook’s 1st Annual… Conference Final Predictions – (Got any gypsy left in th...

Ron Malore (19) Results:  After Penguin sweep of Hurricanes: Expert-Gypsy PTS CHI v DET CAR v PIT Ron Malore 23 DET in 7 PIT in 6 MS FORECZECH 21 DET in 6 PIT in 6 Penguin871 17 DET in 5 PIT in 5 Phil Krundle 17 DET in 4 PIT in 5 Jesselvis 14 CHI in 6 PIT in 4 STH35 12 DET in 5 PIT in 6 DR Hook 10 CHI in 6 PIT in 4 Steve Ludzik 10 CHI i [...]


The Great SNOWMAN You can say it isn’t so… but it’s so… I don’t mean just the TRADITION of beating the Capitals… everyone knows that TRADITION. The Great SNOWMAN But the TRADITION of… (more…)

Ovechkin, Malkin, Cooke, Letang, the Refs… Penguins lose

AO does Mikhail Baryshnikov If there is anyone out there reading this that didn’t enjoy the game they are more ‘hockey homers’ than they are ‘hockey fans’. Anyone who has read my posts know I don’t complain about the referees very much at all. It’s a very tough job and decisions have to be made in a second. They don’t get [...]

Round 2 Matchup… Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

00ppfront In March – I provided a capsule 1st round match-up synopsis of my thoughts between the Caps and Pens and basically things are about the same except the change in the Capitals goal. Simeon Varlamov has played more playoff games than regular season games. His first playoff series and he comes up a winner with a 1.17 GAA, 2 shutouts, and a [...]

DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL… 2nd Round Predictions (Can you do better – I don’t...

MS FORECZECH? ________________________________ Expert-Gypsy PTS BOS v CAR WAS v PIT DET v ANA VAN v CHI MS FORECZECH 11 BOS in 6 PIT in 6 DET in 4 CHI in 6 Ron Malore 10 CAR in 7 PIT in 6 DET in 5 CHI in 6 STH35 9 CAR in 6 PIT in 6 ANA in 6 CHI in 6 Boombastic 8 BOS in 5 PIT in 6 ANA in 7 CHI in 6 Penguin871 7 CAR in 6 PIT in 5 DET in 6 C [...]

2nd Round Match-up? Boston vs Pens

Chara and Momma Chara Counting down the final days of the regular season I presented DR Hook’s Previews of the first round possibilities but never got around to Boston because we finally honed in on our beloved FLYS.  Speaking of those FLYS… aren’t they the sweetest for rolling over and playing dead for the 2nd year in a row. God Bless America. Boston is a p [...]


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