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GOD BLESS AMERICA… Flyers snatch defeat right out of the jaws of victory

I'm no good-luck charm God Bless America, My home, sweet home… A little known trivia fact is that officials noted that when the national I'm no good-luck charm  anthem was played at the opening of FLYS games that the fans …. (more…)

Holy Hockey Sticks… Petr Sykora may have divine help

Pope Paul's sticks sent to St. Petr On a bright note… we’ve got this scoop from Vatican City: Pope Paul's stick sent to St. Petr Peter Sykora’s game may be turned up a notch if the stick shows up by game time. This is DR Hook… carry on

Are You Experienced? The Flyers are not… and it shows.

are-you-experienced Guerin… Kunitz… Adams… three additions that were well thought-out and who would have thunk it our Flightless Birdies are winning it with experience. Not only the Stanley Cup experience these guys bring but also the experience of our core members of the team. It’s hard to believe but  Staal (19), Crosby (20), Malkin (21), Kennedy (21), Letang [...]

DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL 1st Round Predictions (can you do better)

00ppfront One of the greatest lines in hockey this time of the year is that of Toe Blake’s: Predictions are for Gypsies.   I decided to use a simple scoring system to determine the winner of this…  1 point will be awarded to calling a series on the nose and if you predicted the wrong team it’s a MINUS 1.   Any complaints take it to the man [...]

Expect the Unexpected… let the GRIND BEGIN

Bobby Clarke's wife at Mummers Parade? While these teams have to play out the season… the GRIND of the PLAYOFFS is about to begin and there really isn’t such a thing a first-round ‘powder-puff’ team. A stat that’s interesting except to us Flightless Birdie fans is that teams who lose in the Stanley Cup Finals don’t fare too well in their first series the next season. Of the last ( [...]

Gameday Poop: Pens vs. FISHSTICKS

typical Islander fan Everyone has had fresh haircuts and been shaved clean for the annual team photos and the Fishsticks are coming off a humiliating event the other night. typical Islander fan I’m not referring to them extending Doug Weight’s (no points in 6 games since returning from IR) contract!  Losing a game 9 to ZIP is… (more…)

Was Tocchet prepping the deadBOLTS for Ovechkin?

I'm the whole show Dr Hook knows bad hockey and Knopka, Koci, Artyukhin aren’t names you associate with anything but bad Slap Shot type hockey… and if you think for one moment that last night’s Rick Tocchet warm-up for the Capitals didn’t have payback in mind – you just might be wrong.  Bruce Boudreau and George McPhee might I'm the whole show want to sit h [...]

Gameday Poop: Pens vs deadBOLTS

stamkos-billboard Here we have yet another team in our move to play teams that are not a city. Tampa Bay is another one of those marketing ploys to expand the area of supporters. Tampa is basically a city of one strip mall after the other. Tampa Bay is a secluded harbor in fact I’m not so sure if there is… (more…)

What’s bugging me is Satan’s twin!

What's so funny? What’s really bugging me today is not the (2) losses… not even how much people in Pittsburgh seem so worried about the scoring race.  Although the scoring race does bother me a little bit.  One win and we are in and that’s what counts.  Those who should be worried are ….. (more…)

Gameday Poop: Pens vs. FLA… Another STATE team

Just me and the guys No way am I eager to sub for Phil Krundle’s GAME DAY POOP…  but there is a rumor going around that he is golfing in Myrtle  Beach. Isn’t that in Carolina? Golfing???? Geez… our Flightless Birdies were in a Just me and the guys critical game (in Carolina) and “Landfill”     Krundle was chasing a white ball around (with a bunch of guys?)& [...]


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