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DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL… 2nd Round Predictions (Can you do better – I don’t...

________________________________ Expert-Gypsy PTS BOS v CAR WAS v PIT DET v ANA VAN v CHI MS FORECZECH 11 BOS in 6 PIT in 6 DET in 4 CHI in 6 Ron Malore 10 CAR in 7 PIT in 6 DET in 5 CHI in 6 STH35 9 CAR in 6 PIT in 6 ANA in 6 CHI in 6 Boombastic 8 BOS in 5 PIT in 6 ANA in 7 CHI in 6 Penguin871 7 CAR in 6 PIT in 5 DET in 6 C [...]

2nd Round Match-up? Boston vs Pens

Counting down the final days of the regular season I presented DR Hook’s Previews of the first round possibilities but never got around to Boston because we finally honed in on our beloved FLYS.  Speaking of those FLYS… aren’t they the sweetest for rolling over and playing dead for the 2nd year in a row. God Bless America. Boston is a p [...]

GOD BLESS AMERICA… Flyers snatch defeat right out of the jaws of victory

God Bless America, My home, sweet home… A little known trivia fact is that officials noted that when the national I'm no good-luck charm  anthem was played at the opening of FLYS games that the fans …. (more…)

Holy Hockey Sticks… Petr Sykora may have divine help

On a bright note… we’ve got this scoop from Vatican City: Pope Paul's stick sent to St. Petr Peter Sykora’s game may be turned up a notch if the stick shows up by game time. This is DR Hook… carry on

Are You Experienced? The Flyers are not… and it shows.

Guerin… Kunitz… Adams… three additions that were well thought-out and who would have thunk it our Flightless Birdies are winning it with experience. Not only the Stanley Cup experience these guys bring but also the experience of our core members of the team. It’s hard to believe but  Staal (19), Crosby (20), Malkin (21), Kennedy (21), Letang [...]

DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL 1st Round Predictions (can you do better)

One of the greatest lines in hockey this time of the year is that of Toe Blake’s: Predictions are for Gypsies.   I decided to use a simple scoring system to determine the winner of this…  1 point will be awarded to calling a series on the nose and if you predicted the wrong team it’s a MINUS 1.   Any complaints take it to the man [...]


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