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Crosby Plays Entire Game Alongside Real Penguins

From ff-press.com – too funny not to be reprinted here Chicago, IL – Sidney Crosby may be the best hockey player in the world, but you can give him a big fat zero when it comes to attention to detail. In an effort to trim payroll and free up cap space, the Pittsburgh Penguins dressed two penguins from the Pittsburgh Zoo as Crosby’s [...]

Dustin Jeffrey chomping at the bit

dustin_jeffrey_1-small[1] Okay, let’s see, the Penguins have won 10 games in a row, they are now first overall in the Eastern conference,  they are getting balanced scoring from all lines lately, Sidney Crosby has somewhere close to like 100 points during those 10 games, they have done this with a slightly banged up Evgeni Malkin who has missed the past couple [...]

Short Handed? Not the Penguins!!!!

00ppfront In only two major sports, hockey and soccer(and I know some of you do not consider soccer a major sport, but that is a discussion for another day), is there ever an occasion for teams to be playing with an unequal number of participants. In hockey, this occurs when one team is assessed a minor penalty.  The offending player is sent to the pen [...]

First Quarter Report Card

reportcard Well, the season is now 20 games in which means that roughly one quarter of it is gone, and so, just like when you were back in school, it is time to issue the first quarter report card for  the team, the players and the coach. The Team: B- The team has had to make quite a few adjustments this year from welcoming in new players to learning t [...]

TSN reporting

00ppfront Pens are negotiating with John Madden

Now is not the time for Penguins to make panic moves

culkin                                                                                                                                                                              Sure the season came to an abruptly surprising end last night as with the teams that were remaining alive in the Eastern Conference, most people expected the Penguins to s [...]

Penguins beat Montreal at their own game.

00ppfront It took all the way until the completion of Game 2 this time before everyone decided to start panicking as opposed to after Game 1 of the Ottawa series.  I just get the opinion that most folks in this city, judging by the callers on the talk shows and the letter writers, feel that the Penguins not only will win every series in four games but [...]

Poll: Who would you like to see as the Penguins 2nd Round Opponent?

[poll id=”7″] Ask any of the Penguins players which team they would rather face in the second round of the playoffs, and they’ll all most likely give the same stock answer, “It doesn’t matter to me”  On the other hand, I’m sure like me, you all have a preference about which team you would like to see [...]

Penguins’ superior depth finally does in Ottawa

00ppfront Whew, let’s all catch our collective breaths now that the first round is finally over.  It sure didn’t look like we’d be saying that about midway through the second period last night as the Penguins trailed the Sentaors 3 – 0 at the 9:48 mark.  Someone apparently forgot to tell the Penguins that the puck dropped at 7:0 [...]

Fleury gives the Penguins a huge advantage over every other team

It was just over a week ago that many so called “fans” of the Pittsburgh Penguins were ready to run Marc-Arndre Fleury out of town.  The Penguins had just come off of a 5 -4 loss to the Ottawa Senators in Game 1 of their best of 7 series in which the “Flower” gave up 5 goals on 26 shots.  This equated to a pedestrian [...]


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