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Where do we go from here??… Is there a possible three peat in our future?

Hi Pens Fans. Greetings from up North. Great to be back. I had to take a little sabbatical to clean up a few issues closer to home and now 6 days before Christmas I have been bitten once again by the dreaded writer’s bug. Before I start, I have so many wonderful people to thank and you all know who you are. Thank you for your kindness a [...]

What is 500 Million Among Friends?

Dear Santa, I have been a really good boy this year so I am putting my Christmas wish list in early. Can you please bring me my own NHL franchise for Christmas next year? I hear they make lots and lots of money…Jim I rushed out mailed my letter last week. I sent it Priority Post to the South Pole. They tell me the North one is melting! To my [...]

What if Quebec had joined the NHL?

Call it a slow news week, Pens fans. I’ve done articles on goaltending, the great and still unresolved center debate, the salary arbitration process and possible long-term effects on our team. I’ve also blogged about the farm system in comparison to the rest of the NHL, and the possibility of a three-peat. With the exception of th [...]

Somebody Has to Stop the Puck!

Of the top 100 drafted players in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, only nine were goaltenders. Taken at number 83, late in the 3rd round, was the Penguins’ own Matt Murray. To date he has only played 62 NHL games. His career average numbers? A .925 save percentage and a very respectable 2.32 goals against average. Matt has two Stanley Cups to his n [...]

Life on the Farm: Part II

Yesterday I examined the basic components of an NHL farm system—scouting, developmental teams and coaching. Today I’ll delve into the true lifeblood of any hockey team…the players. THE PLAYERS They say all men are created equal. I’m sorry to tell you, fellow Pens fans, that does not apply on a hockey rink. Men are not all equal in hockey abil [...]

Life on the Farm: Part I

When Rick Buker asked me if I would write a few articles for PenguinPoop, I was both thrilled and scared at the same time. I was scared because I knew that someday, sometime, there would be a topic that I was so passionate about, that I could not ignore it and would have to write about it honestly. There are times in life you should just keep [...]


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