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Video: Suttons Suspendable cheap shot of Leopold

00ppfront Andy Sutton leaves his feet to elbow Jordon Leopold in the head.  Under the new NHL head shot rule Sutton will most likely be suspended 2 to five games tomorrow afternoon even though there was no penalty called on the ice.  Here is the video:

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators Playoff Predictions

Penguins vs Senators We have a saying here at PenguinPoop that “We have more hockey knowledge in our body than you have in your entire pinky“, that just being a little humor and all, the “body” of people writing here at PenguinPoop have probably been to more Penguin games in their lifetime than any other collection of Pittsburgh Penguin wr [...]

Latest Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 Trade Deadline Moves

00ppfront Up to the minute Pittsburgh Penguins Trade Deadline moves. Click on the players name for his stats.  This will be updated all day today.  You must “refresh” your page to see this updated. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS MOVES: 3/3    Pittsburgh Penguins acquire a 6th-Round 2010 draft pick from Toronto Maple Leafs for defensive prospect Chri [...]

NHL Trade Deadline Predictor Extraordinaire

00ppfront The NHL Trade Deadline this year is March 3rd, and as you know Ray Shero the Pittsburgh Penguins GM has been very active this time of year the last few years landing players and “rental” players to help the Pens make it to the playoffs. Everyone seems to have a prediction or idea about who the Penguins will be or should be acquiri [...]

When do the Pittsburgh Penguins Play Next?

The Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning  Here is the Official NHL Schedule:  Series tied 3-3 Home Wed, April 13 Pens won 3-0 Home Fri, April 15 Lightning won 5-1 Away Mon, April 18 Pens won 3-2   Away Wed, April 20 Pens won 3-2 in 2nd OT   Home Sat, April 23 Lightning won 8-2 *Away Mon, April 25 Lightning won 4-2   [...]

Stanley Cup Finals – Predictions – Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings

With the Penguins ready to roll into the Stanley Cup Finals we thought it was time we came together here at PenguinPoop and put down our predictions of  who we think is going to win and maybe just a few reasons why. Stanley Cup Finals Predictions:   Dr. Hook: The Red Wings rolled over Chicago about the same as the Penguins rolled over Carolin [...]

NHL Conference Finals – Predictions

west1 With the Penguins ready to roll into round three of the playoffs in their third race for 4, we thought it was time we came together here at PenguinPoop and put down our predictions of  who we think is going to win the Eastern and Western Conference’s and maybe just a few reasons why. Western Conference Predictions: Dr. Hook: Speed and [...]


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