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Penguins Finally Get First Win at Console

All it took was for the Islanders to come to town without their three best players.  The Pens still look terribly sloppy.  Hopefully, it doesn’t take much longer before they begin to gel. Brent Johnson looked good again.  I  certainly am not a Fleury basher, but Johnson has the only victories.  I like Fleury and I think he is the guy, b [...]

So Much for Home Sweet Home: Pens Lose to Maple Leafs

14 shots on goal….4 goals ….and I am not necessarily blaming Fleury Why can’t the Pens play with the same intensity that they have with one minute remaining and down by a goal, for any other part of the game? The difference between a winning team and a losing team is the difference between Clarke MacArthur burying a nice pas [...]

Penguins Break Losing Streak Against the Devils

As disheartning as it may have been to see the Pens lose their first two games at the CEC, it was that much of a relief that they beat the New Jersey Devils yesterday afternoon.  The Pens lost all 8 games against the Devils last season, so it is like getting that perverbial monkey off your back by beating the Devils last night.  The bad news [...]

Penguins Lose On Opening Night at the New Console Energy Center

I, much like the thousands of other Pens fans, was super excited about heading down to the CEC for the opening of the regular season.  The night had all the elements of a huge experience.  There was the first meaningful game at the new building, the anticipation of a great season, the prospect of watching  the new players and the fact that th [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Open up Console Energy Center Tomorrow Night Against Detroit

I have to say, this is as excited as I have been to go and watch a pre-season hockey game. The thrill of witnessing live hockey (not practice) in the new digs, just the fact that hockey is back and the added intrigue of new additions to the line-up make for a potentially exciting night. And, let’s not forget, the opponent is the the d [...]

The Good and the Bad of the Penguins New Consol Energy Center

I got my opportunity to go down and see the new home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I have to say, it was, in fact, very impressive.   This is the view from lower Center Avenue. The is the view from upper Center Avenue. Once I got past the interactive Penguins “hall of fame”, I headed up to the main concourse.   Here the fans ca [...]


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