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Pens Beat the Flames

Maybe this road trip will end up being the vehicle that gets are beloved Penguins out of the slump. Anyone notice anything about the powerplay? Prevent defense in the third period aside, the Pens played a pretty good game.  Fleury looked awesome, Crosby used Bouwmeester…….again and Letang and Goligoski looked strong.  Things could [...]

Pens Lose as Power Play Fails Again

I wasn’t sure what to title this post.  It could have been “How to Make Guillaume Latendresse Look Like Gretzky” or “When the F*&% are the Pens Going to Completely Overhaul the Power Play?” Well, how does a team make a guy like Latendresse look like Gretzky?  (This is not to pick on Latendresse, he played well.)  Apparently, you ta [...]

Penguins Continue Struggles Against the Dreaded Flyers

So, I am very excited to go down to the Mellon Arena to see the Pens play the Philadelphia Flyers last night.  I remembered to bring my tickets with me to work, as I don’t often get out early enough to make it home before heading down to the game.  As it turns out, I get out early, so I head straight from work to a tavern near the arena [...]

Penguins Beat Thrashers: Ho, Hum

The Penguins playing the Atlanta Thrashers amidst this five game slide is the absolute best medicine they could have gotten. The Pens are 9-1 against the Thrashers in their past 10 meetings. If this could not get them out of their slump…..nothing would. The Pens showed some signs of getting their “A” game back, though it w [...]

Penguins Lose Another One

What has happened to the system that Bylsma implemented when he first became the Penguin’s head coach?  The same system that turned this team around and and led them to the ultimate prize.  The system featured such strategies as a very aggressive forecheck and an emphasis on North and South play.  I am not seeing these things right now. [...]

Holiday Blues: Penguins lose to Toronto

First off, I hope everyone had a nice holiday.  Apparently, the Pens hadn’t gotten the holiday gift giving spirit out of their systems yet.  They were giving away pucks like Santa gives away toys.  All of this on a night when the Pens were well rested and the Leafs had played the night before. Notes: The Pens seem unable to defend agai [...]


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