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I Know Nothing: The Official Wash Your Hockey Jersey Day Edition

Well, it was a long Summer but alas hockey season is finally here!  Lots to look forward to including a new arena (The Powerhouse) and the upcoming Winter Classic.  Bristling with excitement I stopped by our new home office atop the splendid PPG plaza to collect my mail from the off season.  Special thanks to Rudy from Manitoba, Canadia for s [...]

Pictures: Pittsburgh Penguins singing Karaoke at Excuses Bar & Grill

The guys (and I mean ALL of them) stopped into Excuses Bar & Grill (Hockey Central) on Pittsburgh’s beautiful Southside last Friday night for some fun! I had a quick chat with M.A. Fleury and after a handshake that almost broke my damn hand, he assured me that we would be in good shape next season. It was after the feeling came back [...]

I Know Nothing – The Haves & the Habs Not Edition

I’m back after an all expenses paid golf trip that included Ovechkin, Semin, and Brodeur in my foursome.  I would still be golfing but I hurt my back after falling off of the ball washer.  Anyhow during my much deserved vacation, cards and letters have been piling up at the home office so I am going to finish answering them in the order [...]

I Know Nothing: Penguins vs Flyer tickets? Don Cherry is dead Edition

I stopped in our downtown office last night to answer all the hand written letters sent to us. Since we are too cheap to pay for stamps, I’m answering the letters online. Can8ENbacon writes:   Hey Shultzie, why do you hate Don Cherry so much?  This one’s easy, it’s not as much  I don’t like him, the truth is he hates [...]

I Know Nothing: What the Puck? – Edition

I stopped in our home office this morning and started to answer some of the hand written letters that our fans sent to us, and I started to think wow, we probably have more fans that don’t have computers than any other blog on the internet.  I sorted the questions by topic and decided that this morning I would answer all of the pucking [...]

1/2 way thru Mustache Boy McKee lightyears ahead of Fedotenko

McKee's Rockin' Stache Is anyone else out there a bit upset about the meager ‘stache that was sported by Fedotenko?  As I mentioned in a prior blog (to many ewe’s and yucks). I’ve seen more hair on a bar of soap!  I’m beginning to think that we shouldn’t let him off of the hook as easily as the rest of t [...]


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