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How good are the Penguins?

00ppfront Since October we have talked about lack of focus and lack of consistency. Two problems that have certainly plagued the Penguins. Giveaways and defensive zone lapses have led to many scoring opportunities for their opponents. Fleury has not been able to cover for these mistakes. Thus the Pens have given up too many goals.                       [...]

Penguins Should Finish Strong

00ppfront Even though the road trip wasn’t a total success, at least it ended on a positive note.  They needed to acquire a minimum of five points on the trip and that is exactly what they did.  After one of their worst performances of the year in New Jersey, they played maybe their most complete game of the year in Boston.  Fleury got his first [...]

Can the Penguins Beat the Devils?

00ppfront If we take a look at the first five meetings this season the answer is a resounding NO.  An aggregate score of 17-3 tells the story of the total dominance that the Devils have had over the Penguins this season.  It would be a big step toward finishing first in the division if the Penguins can solve the Devils this one time on Wednesday.  Pend [...]

Which Penguin Forward Will Be First in the Pressbox?

00ppfront With the trade deadline acquisitions, Ray Shero has given Dan Bylsma and staff a good problem — 7 NHL defensemen and 13 NHL forwards.  Beyond the obvious increase in talent level, there are other advantages.  First, it gives the bottom forwards a little extra motivation to stay on top of their game so they can remain in the lineup.  It [...]

Penguins Final 20 Regular Season Games

00ppfront The final 20.  How teams play over the last quarter of the season is usually a solid indicator of how they will play during the playoffs.  The Penguins have not played their best hockey thus far this season and they are well aware of it.  Going into the playoffs with a head of steam and home ice advantage (at least in the first round) will be [...]

A Vote for Olympic Hockey

Olympic-Logo I really enjoy watching Olympic hockey.  As a hockey fan, I don’t know how you couldn’t.  The games are fast-paced, the skill level is awesome, the energy level is incredible.  Add the patriotism and you get a tremendous tournament.  Do these games benefit the NHL?  Probably not much.  Has NBC given hockey maximum exposure?  No &# [...]

Penguins Must Use Olympic Break as Gut-Check Time

00ppfront The Olympic break is here leaving 20 games in the regular season for the Penguins.  Here’s hoping it gives each player plenty of time to look in the mirror and come to the conclusion that ‘I must play better’.   These last three games before the break have definitely been a microcosm of the season.   The players continue to [...]

Penguins MUST Improve Defensive Play

00ppfront The Penguins are 6-10-0 in their last 16 games.  They are giving up goals at an alarming rate.  58 in this span of games for a 3.63 goals against.  It seems that the only way they can get a victory lately is to score a handful or more of goals, or get a goaltending performance that is above the call of duty.  Against a mediocre New York Islan [...]

Penguins Revamped Powerplay Will Produce

00ppfront Even though the powerplay was 0-5 against Buffalo, I like the new setup.  The puck movement is much better.  I’ve really felt all along that Crosby and Malkin had to be on opposite sides of the ice.  Now that is the case.  When Gonchar has the puck at center point, he will have three great options, and the penalty killers can only take [...]

Fighting Flyers Fail Again

00ppfront You have to wonder what made the Flyers think that they could beat the Penguins by intimidating them.  Ashem, Cote and Carcillo “three very talented hockey players”, think that they have to fight to keep their jobs in the NHL.  Imagine that.  They should realize that the Flyers need them to score goals in order for them to win hoc [...]


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