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Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Toronto Maple Leafs

pp0206 The Penguins are taking on the red hot Toronto Maple Leafs this afternoon or this evening which ever one of those 5pm falls under and nothing is really at stake. If the Pens win it could mathematically eliminate the Leafs that are in last place, a place that they were so entrenched in that going 8-2 in the last 10 games hasn’t removed t [...]

Pens Beat Flyers: Earn Playoff Berth

60022054 Now, I know that the Pens have been somewhat disappointing lately.  They have just two wins in their last eight games.  So most people are feeling a bit down on the Pens and their Stanley Cup hopes.   If there is one thing that can make a true Penguin fan forget about all of those woes, it is a big win over the dreaded Flyers.  I know that I [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Flyers – Evgeni Malkin is Out

Max Talbot Goal With a win this afternoon the Penguins would clinch a Stanley Cup Playoff berth and if you could tell me a better way to do it than at home against the dreaded Philadelphia Flyers please let me know. A win would also dampen the Flyers playoff hopes. With all the talk about the Penguins being on a downward slide, not much is being made of the [...]

Video: Evgeni Malkin’s must watch Dapper Dan speech last night

00ppfront The Evgeni Malkin speech last night is a must see for anyone who would like an insight to this Russian who has invaded Pittsburgh. Some highlights include Penguins coach Dan Bylsma saying Malkin is the best player to come out of Russia and Malkin saying that he can’t wait to do the whole win the Stanley Cup thing again. It truely gives [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Capitals – Steroids Steroids Steroids

00ppfront The Washington Capitals are under investigation once again for being involved with steroids. US Marshals were at the Washington Capitals training facility investigating.  Dr. Doug Nagel who may or may not be the Capitals chiropractor was arrested yesterday.  The Capitals are saying “(Dr. Doug Nagel) is not affiliated with the Washington Capit [...]

The Crosby Sucks Phenomenon

Crosby sucks t-shirts While both Philadelphia Flyer fans and Washington Capital fans both lay claim as to having come up with “Crosby Sucks”.  Since the day Sidney Crosby buried the shot between Ryan Millers pads in overtime of the Olympic Gold Medal game, every NHL city across the USA has adopted it as there own. There are websites, t-shirts, mugs, NH [...]

Penguins Lose to Stanley Cup Rival Red Wings

00ppfront This is another one of those games, as fans, we really look forward to.  A rematch with the team that the Pens have faced in the last two Stanley Cup Finals.  One would think that the players would also get up for a game like this…..maybe, not so much. I have just a couple of thoughts after watching tonights loss: Though, I thought Fle [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Red Wings – Malkin is not playing!

pp0202 It’s a great week for hockey! The Penguins kick off their own personal rivalry week with a trip to Detroit to face the team they ousted in the Stanley Cup Finals last year. The Penguins actually look forward to traveling to the Joe Lewis Arena now. The Penguins Sidney Crosby, Ruslan Fedotenko, Sergei Gonchar and many others this will be [...]

Amazing the difference a year makes

00ppfront The Penguins head to Detroit for their first visit since winning Game 7 of the Stanley Cup there back on June 12th, 2009.  I find it just amazing how feelings can change in just one year’s time.  When the Penguins lost the Cup to Detroit in 2008, we could not wait to face the Wings again during the regular season.  Both games (Home and [...]

How good are the Penguins?

00ppfront Since October we have talked about lack of focus and lack of consistency. Two problems that have certainly plagued the Penguins. Giveaways and defensive zone lapses have led to many scoring opportunities for their opponents. Fleury has not been able to cover for these mistakes. Thus the Pens have given up too many goals.                       [...]


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