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I Know Nothing – Pittsburgh Penguins Edition

shultzikn Hello fellow Poopers! Just a few notes and musings about the greatest sport in the world! WTF is up with Geno? I’m hoping he isn’t coming down with a bad case of Jagr-itis! I can’t fault his physical game but the mental mistakes he is making are quite elementary. The kind off miscues we were taught to avoid way back in Might [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Game day Poops – January 13, 2010

The Penguins take on the Calgary Flames tonight at 9:30PM it will be shown in HD on Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Minnesota Wild’s Cal Clutterbuck is upset with the elbow that Sergei Gonchar delivered to his chops on Monday Night Clutterbutt said about Gonchar: “He better hope he retires at the end of the year, I’ll tell you that, [...]

Flyers complain even when they win

00ppfront A complaint from the Flyers organization has led to an NHL investigation of why Fox Sports Pittsburgh did not turn over the video of the view they showed after a non goal call was made in their game last week.  The network waited until after the non goal call was made to show the footage on the air but did not turn over that angle to the leag [...]

Rossi talks hockey… Cook should write for soap operas.

I'm thinking maybe two units The report by Rob Rossi in the TRIBUNE-REVIEW  Rossi: Coaches not to blame for power play is a revealing one. Rossi says, “I’ve watched too many practices to blame Yeo for this sickening power play. I’ve seen him work too many long days to hold anything but admiration for his commitment to fixing the power play’s probl [...]

Pens Lose as Power Play Fails Again

pp0156 I wasn’t sure what to title this post.  It could have been “How to Make Guillaume Latendresse Look Like Gretzky” or “When the F*&% are the Pens Going to Completely Overhaul the Power Play?” Well, how does a team make a guy like Latendresse look like Gretzky?  (This is not to pick on Latendresse, he played well.)  Apparently, you ta [...]

Pens to meet up with the Wild and Sykora tonight, or not

00ppfront I’m pretty sure if you go into any 7/11 in the Minneapolis area right now and purchase a carton of milk you will see a picture of ex-Penguin Peter Sykora on it.  What has happened to the talented sniper who once patrolled the wing at times on both Crosby’s and Malkin’s lines?  We all know about the goal less drought he went [...]

Lets Not Be Those Kinds of Fans

pp0155 Last night at the Flyers game the boo birds came out at the end of both of the Penguins powerplays. This is the kind of behavior more befitting a Philadelphia fan. I realize that the 5 or so home games right after Christmas that there are way more fans at the games that do not usually go to the games. It is a younger crowd, many of which rece [...]

Penguins Continue Struggles Against the Dreaded Flyers

00ppfront So, I am very excited to go down to the Mellon Arena to see the Pens play the Philadelphia Flyers last night.  I remembered to bring my tickets with me to work, as I don’t often get out early enough to make it home before heading down to the game.  As it turns out, I get out early, so I head straight from work to a tavern near the arena [...]

Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin ?

pp0154 The Olympics are going to be here before you know it.  We here at PenguinPoop have a question for you. If Evgeni Malkin’s team takes on Sidney Crosby’s team, which team will you be rooting for to win the game? There are many things to take into consideration before just throwing your vote in. On Sidney Crosby’s side you have [...]

Penguins Beat Thrashers: Ho, Hum

00ppfront The Penguins playing the Atlanta Thrashers amidst this five game slide is the absolute best medicine they could have gotten. The Pens are 9-1 against the Thrashers in their past 10 meetings. If this could not get them out of their slump…..nothing would. The Pens showed some signs of getting their “A” game back, though it w [...]


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