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Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators – February 14

pp0169 Thanks to the Olympics this afternoon’s Valentine matinee 1PM game against the Nashville Predators is the last Penguin game until March. That being said the Pens should leave it all on the table as they try to take down a Predator team that is barely hanging onto a playoff spot in the western conference. Unfortunately I believe that the [...]

Penguins Inconsistent Play

2010-02-12 21.24.11 The thing that is the most frustrating for me regarding these Pittsburgh Penguins is their inconsistency.   We know this team can compete at a very high level.  We have witnessed it for the last two and half seasons.  Most recently, we watched as the Pens played very well during the first part of this season.  Now, we see it on occasion, abou [...]

Why Wasn’t Ovechkin Suspended?

pp0168 I’m sorry I’m late on this, I’ve been out of town for a week or so. I started writing the “GameDay Poop” today in between shoveling about 3 foot of snow off my roof. I was trying to catch up on what was going on around the NHL when I kept reading about this goal that the Capitals got against the Canadiens that wa [...]

Shero Don’t Be A Hero

With all of the trades around the NHL right now, most by two “Old School” GM’s Brian Burke & Darryl Sutter, it would be easy for Ray Shero to get caught up in the madness and trade away the Penguins future for another shot at winning the Cup. A little Pittsburgh Penguins history lesson might cure him of that and hopefull [...]

Goligoski on Olympic Short List

00ppfront Injuries to the US Olympic Hockey Team’s defensive squad have left one or two open positions on their roster. Defenseman Paul Martin of the New Jersey Devils withdrew yesterday and Mike Komisarek has been injured and did not play yesterday even though US GM Brian Burke thought he would. Komisarek has been out since January 2nd with a sh [...]

Penguins Come From Behind to Beat Sabres

2010-02-01 21.06.22 First off, I want to say nice work to the boys for the nice victory yesterday afternoon.  They played a wonderful game.  It could have ended sooner had they capitalized on one or two more of the many chances they had, but a great game nonetheless. I thought for sure the Penguins would steamroll the momentum from yesterday’s victory into tonig [...]

Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Buffalo Sabres – February 1

pp0167 The Pens chased Buffalo Sabre’s goaltender and most likely Team USA’s Olympic starting goaltender Ryan Miller from the game on December 29th by scoring 3 times on 11 shots just to have ex-Penguin Patrick Lalime come in and shut them out the rest of the way. The Pens are looking for a little revenge tonight and Crosby, Malkin & [...]

Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings – January 31

pp0166 Game time is 12:30PM and can be seen in Super HD at the Igloo or on NBC  When the Penguins knocked off the reining Stanley Cup Champs last June, Detroit started to slowly fall apart. It started with Marian Hossa saying he wanted to keep playing in Detroit and then jumping ship for Chicago (sound familiar?) along with the Red Wings Tomas Kope [...]

NHL Trade Deadline Predictor Extraordinaire

00ppfront The NHL Trade Deadline this year is March 3rd, and as you know Ray Shero the Pittsburgh Penguins GM has been very active this time of year the last few years landing players and “rental” players to help the Pens make it to the playoffs. Everyone seems to have a prediction or idea about who the Penguins will be or should be acquiri [...]

Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators – January 28

pp0165 Game time is 7:00PM and can be seen in Super HD at the Igloo or on FSN  The Pens take on the red hot Ottawa Senators who have won their last seven games in a row tonight. Maybe I should say the streaky Senators. Before they won seven in a row they lost 5 in a row. When everyone was looking the other way the Senators double secretly amassed qu [...]


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