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How good are the Penguins?

00ppfront Since October we have talked about lack of focus and lack of consistency. Two problems that have certainly plagued the Penguins. Giveaways and defensive zone lapses have led to many scoring opportunities for their opponents. Fleury has not been able to cover for these mistakes. Thus the Pens have given up too many goals.                       [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 – 2010 Salary Cap Numbers

penssalarycap Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 – 2010 Salary Cap Numbers.  This list has the Salary numbers up until the last year that a Penguin is signed.  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.   As of today, the Penguins salary cap space is almost nothing and fluxuates day by day depending on call-ups from the WBS Penguins. Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Hurricanes – Malkin is back!

Evgeni Malkin Celebration Today is the first time that I can remember this season that the entire Pittsburgh Penguins squad is healthy. As far as timing goes, this is definitely the time of year you want a healthy squad. The big question is: Which Penguin team is going to show up today? It would seem like the Penguins have been playing hockey a bit like Dr. Jeckyl &am [...]

Penguins Should Finish Strong

00ppfront Even though the road trip wasn’t a total success, at least it ended on a positive note.  They needed to acquire a minimum of five points on the trip and that is exactly what they did.  After one of their worst performances of the year in New Jersey, they played maybe their most complete game of the year in Boston.  Fleury got his first [...]

Mike Lange Syndrome – We have all had it…

00ppfront We have all had it at one time or another, this is one of the worse cases ever documented of Mike Lange Syndrome You can view more great videos like this  including a hillarious re-make of that extremely annoying “Give me Back my Filet-o-Fish” commercial using Pittsburgh DJ’s from KISS FM 96.1 at www.benstonium.com (more&he [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Bruins – Matt Cooke Public Enemy no.1

Matt Cooke Target The big question for tonight’s game is will the Bruins be seeking revenge on Matt Cooke for the hit he put on Mark Savard? The NHL brought in some veteran refs in Bill McCreary and Stephen Walkom and if you listen to any reports out of Boston, they will have there hands full. The consensus here at PenguinPoop was that it was a clean hit [...]

Penguins Lose to Devils………..Again!

00ppfront Well, there it is.  A clean sweep for the New Jersey Devils.  I am not sure what power the Devils have over the Pens, but it is overwhelming.  How about the fact that the Devils convert on just about every turnover the Pens commit.  How about the fact that on just about every opportunity the Devils get from a turnover, Fleury cannot come up w [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins farm team moving to Johnstown?

pp0196 *UPDATE from JLPens:   Minor Matters – To follow up on a previous story, the Wheeling Nailers will play 10 regular season and 1 pre season games in Johnstown next season. Appears the Brooks Brothers theory is that 36 home games is too much for a small market fan base to support and they want to experiment with fanning a few out. As for Johnst [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs NJ Devils – Evgeni Malkin is out

Martin Brodeur The Pittsburgh Penguins have lost to the New Jersey Devils all five times they played them this year. Three out of the five losses came when the Penguins played them on the second night of back to back games and the Devils did not play the night before. Two of those games the Penguins traveled immediately after their game the night before whi [...]

1/2 way thru Mustache Boy McKee lightyears ahead of Fedotenko

McKee's Rockin' Stache McKee's Rockin' Stache Is anyone else out there a bit upset about the meager ‘stache that was sported by Fedotenko?  As I mentioned in a prior blog (to many ewe’s and yucks). I’ve seen more hair on a bar of soap!  I’m beginning to think that we shouldn’t let him off of the hook as easily as the rest of t [...]


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