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Can the Penguins Beat the Devils?

00ppfront If we take a look at the first five meetings this season the answer is a resounding NO.  An aggregate score of 17-3 tells the story of the total dominance that the Devils have had over the Penguins this season.  It would be a big step toward finishing first in the division if the Penguins can solve the Devils this one time on Wednesday.  Pend [...]

I Know Nothing – Slapshot in the face! – Hanson Brothers Edition

chiefs3 I’m pretty sure that ALL of you have seen the movie about a hockey team from Johnstown that leaves their home city for the east coast?  Before I go on I want you all to go grab a box of tissues because this one is sad!  In a true case of art imitating life, the Johnstown Chiefs are leaving Johnstown!  Barring a miracle that includes pro [...]

What Could be Less Fun Than Watching the New Jersey Devils?

00ppfront First, let me say that I did not watch tonight’s game.  I was busy playing some hockey of my own.  I gotta tell you that, if I must miss a Penguins game, it might as well be against the boring-ass Devils. We have had discussions on this site regarding which opposing team that, we as fans, hate the most.  Just about everyone mentioned th [...]

The REAL story behind Sidney Crosby’s lost stick

pp0183 Was the hockey stick Sidney Crosby used to score the “Golden Goal” on the “Black Market”? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported the other day that in an article “Crosby’s missing Olympic gloves and stick located” “The other glove and his stick were found among a shipment of equipment in Toronto [...]

PenguinPoops: Top Ten reasons Sidney Crosby wasn’t on Letterman

Sidney Crosby Letterman We asked our PenguinPoop readers to give us the top ten reasons they felt Sidney Crosby didn’t go and do David Letterman’s Top Ten and here is the answers that we got: #10) He was too busy searching for his hockey equipment. #9) He couldn’t get off the phone with Ovechkin, who just kept sobbing. #8) Because David hit on his [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Hurricanes – TK is the odd man out!

Tyler Kennedy The Penguins take their 4 game winning streak to Carolina tonight to kick off a five game road trip that has them playing their arch nemesis for the Atlantic Division crown the New Jersey Devils not once but twice on the Devils home ice. The Pens are 1-1 against the Carolina Hurricanes this season with the Penguins winning the only game they [...]

There is a Giant Canadian Microscope Pointed at Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby Every single thing that Sidney Crosby has done since scoring what the Canadians have dubbed the “Golden Goal” has been diagnosed, analyzed, investigated, re-diagnosed and interpreted by writers, bloggers, commentators, farmers, the girls that want to marry Crosby and every single person who is old enough to have an opinion North o [...]

I’m sorry but Cooke has to be suspended

00ppfront I’m sure after reading the headline, many of you were hoping I was referring to Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette, and while I feel he should never be allowed to write about hockey again, I’ll have to leave that rant for another column. Today I’m here to rant about Matt Cooke’s blatant blow to the head o Marc Savard in yest [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Bruins: Recchi’s Last Game in Pittsburgh?

Mark Recchi The Penguins take on the Boston Bruins at 3PM this afternoon in a black and gold battle that pits the number one Atlantic division Penguins against a Boston team that is struggling to hold onto a playoff spot. The Penguins have won 3 games in a row and have had to come from behind in the last two to win. Hopefully today they’ll make it [...]

Pens 5 Unanswered Goals to Top Stars

Ponikarovsky Fleury looked liked he may still have a thick coating of rust on his game in the early stages of this afternoon’s matchup with the Dallas Stars. Fleury, however, seemed to shake off the rust and go on to have a nice game.  Hopefully, the rust is all gone as we will need Fleury’s best game as the playoffs draw closer. The Pens dug [...]


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