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Pens Bounce Back: Top Thrashers 3-2

58980038 Who would of thought that it was Brooks Orpik’s return, not Gonchar & Talbot’s, that would fire the team up for a nice win.  The Pens had a nice turn around from Thursday night’s loss to the Senators.   The first period in particular was very strong.  The Pens came out flying.  They had the Thrashers locked up in their o [...]

Gonchar and Talbot’s Return Spoiled

00ppfront I would have bet that the return of Talbot alone would have been enough to energize the Penguins to a strong showing against the Senators tonight.  With the enthusiasm and energy with which Talbot plays coming back into the line-up, one would think that the other players may feed off of that.  Throw in the return of Gonchar and I am thinking [...]

Fear not, the Superstar is back

pp0141 While Dan Bylsma’s first big bout with diversity in his long 277 day NHL coaching career is far from over, the return of Maxime ‘Superstar’ Talbot to the Penguins lineup tonight will hopefully provide the locker room with a little bit of that “Patch Adams” humor that will make the boo boo’s hurt a little le [...]

2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Free Agents

00ppfront Here is a current list of Pitttsburgh Penguin players who’s contracts are up and become free agents as of 12:01 pm, July 1st 2009. Here is the 2010 list:  2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Free Agents You can click on their name to see their lifetime stats. Click here if you are looking for up to date salary cap numbers and upcoming free agents: [...]

Penguin Lineup Must Simplify Approach

00ppfront Injuries or no injuries, the Pens need to play smarter hockey.  Actually when you are short bodies, the simple approach is better.   Clear the zone, get through the middle, shoot the puck in, and go get it — create opportunities with hard work.  The Penguins have not done these things over the last four games.  It is not the players who [...]

Pens Trying to Get Back to Winning Ways

58880968 So, this current road trip has not been the most sparkling period in this young season. The Pens lost two games in regulation for the first time under Bylsma’s tutiledge.  In Boston, they made it three in a row.  They won the first game against a struggling team in Anaheim, they were pretty well outplayed in LA and lost horribly to the [...]

Deep Thoughts by Phil Krundle

League Leading Impressive as it may seem, the Penguins have yet to lose a game this season that was not on a back 2 back night. Just as impressive, the Penguins do not have a mark in the tie column. The NHL in it’s infinite wisdom use the tie column to post overtime losses so there are more teams that look like they have winning records [...]

Goligoski is doing everything Whitney couldn’t

pp0138 When Alex Goligoski takes the ice tonight at 10pm you will be seeing the guy that made it easy for the Penguins to trade away Ryan Whitney.  Goligoski in two short seasons has become the breakout playmaker that the Penguins were expecting Ryan Whitney to be with one little added bonus, Goligoski leads the entire NHL (not just defensemen) in p [...]

Pens Lose to Wild While Dominating Play

Backstrom The shot total tells almost the whole story.  The Pens outshot the Minnesota Wild 35-15.  That is a very lopsided shot comparison.  It was a direct reflection of how the whole game went………except for the final score.  The Pens dominated the play, especially in the first two periods.  Alas, the one stat that matters was in Min [...]

Pens Dominate Canadiens

00ppfront Are the Pens that good, or are the Canadiens that bad?  It could be that the Canadiens just had an off night, but that was a very lopsided game.  With the exception of a goal on a 5 on 3 power play, Montreal did not mount much of a resistance. This was the largest margin of victory the Pens have had against the Canadiens…..ever.  It was [...]


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