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Goligoski is doing everything Whitney couldn’t

pp0138 When Alex Goligoski takes the ice tonight at 10pm you will be seeing the guy that made it easy for the Penguins to trade away Ryan Whitney.  Goligoski in two short seasons has become the breakout playmaker that the Penguins were expecting Ryan Whitney to be with one little added bonus, Goligoski leads the entire NHL (not just defensemen) in p [...]

Pens Lose to Wild While Dominating Play

Backstrom The shot total tells almost the whole story.  The Pens outshot the Minnesota Wild 35-15.  That is a very lopsided shot comparison.  It was a direct reflection of how the whole game went………except for the final score.  The Pens dominated the play, especially in the first two periods.  Alas, the one stat that matters was in Min [...]

Pens Dominate Canadiens

00ppfront Are the Pens that good, or are the Canadiens that bad?  It could be that the Canadiens just had an off night, but that was a very lopsided game.  With the exception of a goal on a 5 on 3 power play, Montreal did not mount much of a resistance. This was the largest margin of victory the Pens have had against the Canadiens…..ever.  It was [...]

Bylsma Can Finally Shake The Last Monkee Off His Back

If there were any die hard Michel Therrien fans out there, I’m sure their opinion swayed the second the clocked stopped in game 7 of the finals. That is of course not including his close family members. There has always been one thing hanging over Dan Bylsma’s head like plastic mistletoe and that is the question of whether it was [...]

Pens Lose a Sleeper to the Devils

00ppfront Man, it is hard to watch the Devils play hockey.  What a boring game.  In their defense, it is effective; as evidenced by tonight’s loss.  The Pens looked a bit out of sorts tonight.  There were a bunch of bad passes, missed shots, bad offsides, mishandled pucks and other mental errors.  It could be contributed to having played on back [...]

Fleury could better Brodeur’s pace, in front of Brodeur

If your going to compare yourself to a goaltender, you might as well compare yourself to the best in the NHL. As luck would have it, this Saturday when the Penguins play Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils, Marc-André Fleury will have a chance to bypass the pace that Brodeur has set on his way to most wins in NHL history for a goaltender [...]

Gonchar is out for at least a month. Who’s Martin Skoula ?

00ppfront If you haven’t heard yet, Sergei Gonchar yesterday suffered a broken wrist that will keep him out at least 6-8 weeks and Dan Bylsma announced that recently signed Martin Skoula will be replacing him. Ray Shero signed Skoula to a one year contract on September 29th after Skoula’s crazy summer.  Skoula played the last three plus sea [...]

NHL Eastern Conference Early Review

200px-NHL_Eastern_Conference_svg          The hockey season is now three weeks old, and we have gotten a glimpse of how teams are shaping up for the 09-10 campaign.  Some teams are playing over their heads (NY Rangers), some are just feeling their way into the year (Carolina and Boston), and some have already established themselves as awful (Toronto).      My initial thought [...]

Pens Continue to Win

58666747 I can remember playing dek hockey where my team was up by 6 or 7 goals and in an effort to minimize embarrassment for the other team, we would play keep away rather than trying to score more goals.  That is what it looked like for a good portion of this game.  Unfortunately, the Pens were not up by 6 or 7 goals.  It would have been nice to se [...]

Penguins are trying to reverse the “Bad Luck Blues”

blb Saturday October 17th starts the return of the Penguins ugly “Bad Luck” blue jerseys and Penguin management has a plan. The plan is to change the image of the jerseys from bad luck to good luck. How are they going to do that you ask. If you must know, they scheduled the jersey only to be worn against the worst teams in the league. [...]


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